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 Awakening story logs - Wipe #1

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PostSubject: Awakening story logs - Wipe #1   Awakening story logs - Wipe #1 I_icon_minitimeWed Mar 25, 2015 8:10 am

Year 2 Month 1 - The Demon King Mandolin

A powerful Sunai'l long banished by the magics of ancient Sunaill relics found himself on earth, wrenched back from the same power that had sealed him away for so many years. The Dragon Clan's leader and Founder, Mandolin. His arrival was less than fortunate for the people of earth, quickly finding himself fighting two of the young martial artists of the planet.

The first, a half human girl with incredible strength, routed by the might of Mandolin as the fight raged on between both her and a Demi-Demon that found himself quickly outmatched as the Demon King ground him beneath his heel. He released the Demi-Daemon Abigor with an ultimatum. "Bring the worlds greatest martial artists to me. If they don't come? Hmm.. Well I suppose I'd just have to start killing everyone." He said coldly, dispatching the battered Abigor.


Month 10 Year 2 - The Revival of The Demon Clan

The young Demi-Daemons, Abigor and Damien, found their way into the Demon King's ranks. Their natural strengths and power had proven frighting for the humans. Sharing similarities with his own exile, and the Demi-Daemon's power exceeding the humans.. Mandolin found it easy to cooperate with the Daemons. Two human martial artists, Shinji and Karuma, found their way to the Demon King's chambers, and were quick to anger him with their loose tongues. Shortly after the two found themselves fighting Abigor, the more powerful of the two Demi-Daemons. As the fight progressed, they soon found themselves begrudged with another visitor.

Her name was Alexandria, a Demi-God raised among the humans. She had given King Mandolin much grief in the last year, even having beaten him to near death. The two martial artists escaped as the fight turned to Alexandria, who found the might of the Demon King and his clansmen more than a match for her techniques. The girl fell under the frenzied Abigor, his bloodlust surging as he turned the Demi-God into little more than a corpse as she lay upon the tile.

It was after this the Demi-Daemon known as Abigor told him of a tournament to be held soon, by some private official looking to run for President of Earth. This was the perfect opportunity for them to establish dominance over the humans, and take the planet for his own. So Mandolin and Abigor wait.. The days before the tournament dwindling as they trained themselves.


Month 1 Year 10 - Banished

On an ordinary day where the Justicar was on watch at the arrival point of Limbo, things would quickly take a turn for the worse. The recently named Demon Lord had shown up at the place of judgment, and tensions would run high between he and the Demi-God, a situation the Supreme Guardian Deity would not be able to defuse upon his arrival.

The pair would go at it as the Deity looked on, exchanging blows back and forth, but eventually the lord of darkness would emerge victorious. Fearing further consequences for his underling, other than the initial beat down, the leader of Heaven would step in.

The two figureheads of their respective dimensions would clash in a full on bout, with both parties resorting to unleashing their own special techniques in an attempt to get the edge on one another. Initially the Demon would get the upper hand, showing that his raw power was a level above that of his opponent. Though the Deity would eventually reveal he had one more technique up his sleeve, one that ultimately turned the battle on it's head.

The Supreme Guardian would eventually come out on top, after a drawn out, physical showdown. He'd swiftly seize the chance to banish his evil counterpart back to the underworld, sealing it from the rest of the after life after doing so. He also managed to collect a strange trinket that his foe had attempted to wield just before being knocked unconscious. Hoping the strange device of darkness would give key insight in to the adversaries of Heaven.


Month 5 Year 14 - Earth

The ocean was calm, now - singing only a soft, demure tone as seagulls laughed and lapped overhead. The green beast stared at Shinji and Karuma - the two lifelong martial artists who had spent the last seven years preparing for this day - and waited to hear what Shinji had to say. Although Shinji tried to reason with the otherworldly entity, not really wishing to drag himself and Karuma into a needless conflict with such a powerful foe, Mandolin would not back down.

As the contest began, all the fighters displayed the monsters locked within each of them, fierce hidden powers awakening on the beach. Mandolin grew several feet taller and began his assault, relentlessly beating Karuma into the sand of his own island. With his back turned, Shinji launched an assault on Mandolin, striking with all the brutal power and precision that the Suchiru style had prepared him for - and watched with awe and disbelief as Mandolin hit the ground almost immediately.

Shinji just stared for a moment. He couldn't believe it. All the building up, training, planning... All that natural power, and he went down like a child! Shinji glared, his pale blue eyes freezing over with cold, distant, hatred. He couldn't bare it. "You can't seriously be this pathetic! Get up! GET UP!"

Shinji stood over the Sunai'l, his fists reigning down like the fury of the gods. Over and over, as the broken alien laid defenseless and unconcious on the sand, Shinji drove his steel-like strikes into the creatures face, the dull packing sounds of the flesh slamming into the flesh - until there was nothing left of Mandolin save a purple and green viscera-strewn paste pounded into the sand.

Shinji lifted his head and let out a roar to the entire world. " I AM MIYAMOTO SHINJI! I AM THE GREATEST MARTIAL ARTIST THE WORLD HAS EVER KNOWN!" He looked down at the creatures corpse, and spit on it.

"And no one is ever going to get in my way ever again."


Month 0 Year 16 - The Demon Lord Strikes Again, No Takesies Backsies!

It'd been quiet in the after life ever since the Demons had been banished down to Hell, as well as being placed under lock and key. Though the steady ship of Heaven would soon be rocked, as upon piercing the seal, the Demon Lord would be free once more. With the recently departed murderous Sunai'l in tow, the ruler of the underworld would show up in the holy land, where he and his partner in crime would confront the Justicar.

By vertue of fortune, the Supreme Guardian would wake from his slumber just before anything truly developed, something that forced the Demon to attempt to retreat, begging for his life when refused escape. After all bartering had failed, including trying to throw his ally under the bus, all that the cowardly being had managed to do was inform the Deity of how the amulet, in his possession worked.

He'd allowed the filthy creature to live following the initial contact in Limbo, there'd be no third chance given, especially not after the monster had been brazen enough to tread upon hallowed grounds. The dastardly beast would be forced in to confrontation, one that he continuously tried to weasel out of right up untill the signature technique of the Heavenly being, dubbed the Divine Judgement Wave, eradicated every trace of the Hell born fools body from existence.

Meanwhile, the fight between the Ancient Sunai'l, the Justicar, and the recently arrived guardian Deity of the north, raged on. The powerful creature held it's own, infact managed to fend off both fighters of the light, whilst dishing out a fair amount of offense in the other direction. Though before too much damage was done, the Supreme Guardian decided to defuse the situation. With just a tad of energy, he'd unravel the makeshift body supplied by the late Demon Lord, once more returning the great Sunai'l to a cloud-esque spirit, incapable of hurting a fly.

The being would be returned to Hell, and the wrongs of the day would be set right, though one thing was for sure, the Demons were in a weaker position than ever, due to their deceased, naive leader.


Year 18 Month 0 - A God Awakens

In the otherwordly realm the Supreme Guardian finds himself in need of advice and enacts an old ritual to call forth one of the Greater Deitys, the original dwellers of that realm from who his kind had come. A lone being answers cloaked in magnificent armor, the Guardian though awed puts it aside in order to gain the answers he seeks. The conversation between the two is short though sets plenty in motion, just as swiftly as the ancient being had appeared it vanished leaving the Guardian with answer and a course to set off on.


Month 4 Year 27 - The Scream Not Heard.

In a remote part of a world an odd creature seeking answers attempts something new. Its experiment though has unforseen consequences as any within earshout would hear a soul shattering shriek of pain, though what followed in the wake of this shriek was worse.

Through both realms all creatures would feel a chill pass through their very souls, in the realm of the dead a few ,lucky or unlucky souls depending on how you look at it, would be engulfed in a dark purple energy. As it faded they would once more be one of the living.


Month 8 - Year 28 - Protector of Earth Emerges!

It was another peaceful day on Earth but how long will it last? Something unexpected happened. A young human boy had been chosen as the Protector's successor. He claimed the throne and would watch over the planet that needed guidance by someone. As the Protector of Earth, he must protect Earth from evil forces that threaten earth itself or its people and ensure the survival of the planet. Under the new Protector's care, the young human boy will use the best of his ability to make sure that peace last forever. His name is known as Sora, what kind of fate awaits for this young, inexperienced Protector?


Month 9 Year 31 - A Deity Amongst Men

Jasper wasn't what one might refer to as a typical deity, or a typical guardian for that matter... She enjoyed fighting, travelling, and interacting with and helping Mortals. A personality that had gotten her in quite a bit of trouble. Years ago she had commited the greivous sin of revealing her nature to mere mortals, and was now going to face the punishment. The Guardian of the West was called in by her leader, Lucian, the Supreme Guardian, to speak of her punishement.

One which had been partly advised by the greater deities themselves. She knew that her sins were dire, and that she had behaved in ways that no deity ever should. Revealing knowledge of the afterlife, of the gods, was unforgivable. She had done it to earn the trust of her charges so they would lend her their ear, and guide them away from destruction.

The punishment was... Unexpected however. Jasper had expected to be banished to hell, stripped of her powers and status, tortured for eternity, however, it's hard to tell if the punishment they had in mind was kinder, or more dire. She would be sent to the mortal realm, stripped of her power, her status... And all knowledge of the gods, and the afterlife. She would live her life as a mortal until her death.

Lucian removed the deities memories, replacing them with new ones, memories of a mortal life, on a mortal world, and stripped her of her greater powers, leaving her only with what one might believe a mortal capable of. She was then left on the world of Axro, alone, to live her new life as a Fae, amongst the other mortals.


Month 11 Year 31 - King of Kings

And it had come to pass that the Verdusa King would find himself matched up against the King of the Shimo Henko. Faced with adversity. Doubt in himself. Though with everything in him he needed to have a one on one with the being known as Infinity. And thus it would come on his doorstep. A blast opening up the doors to his personal training facility. It was a calloused ordeal to believe as Saitos and Eklair two of the people that saught to overthrow Kangetsu... Prior to this. Today however they stood next to the King.

After so long they would be told to leave allowing the Kings of their time to have a final battle between them. Infinity took his final form. Kangetsu took the Avatar state and as the fight would begin Kang would take the initiative sliding fastly with a burning fist to the small bodied Infinity. Slamming his fist into the body of the beast it'd quickly end. In a blur the body of the being would be broken...

Exitting his avatar state... He'd bring an Axe down upon the body of Infinity... cutting his head off he'd rid the world of this being... but now with this, with it being so easy... Kang would grow eagerly confident. It'd only get worse as time consumed his mind with this.


Month 2 Year 32 - A Good Day To Be Bad

The peaceful new life for the fallen Deity wouldn't last for long, confronted by Verdu who didn't believe her change of story, though more worryingly, Demons who could actually prove otherwise. This forced the hand of the Supreme Guardian, who had saw the arrival of the tell dwelling beings, and had to make an appearence in order to restore the memory of his former charge before she got hurt.

Though this didn't go smoothly, he'd be attacked by a minion of the Demon Lord, which in turn, sparked off a chain of events. By the time all was said and done on the barren planet of Dune, no less than seven beings had gotten their hands dirty in the fight. Though it was when another associate of the underworld showed up, things turned for the worse. The enormous being would arrive on the scene, making his mark immediately by dealing with the king of the Verdu with one destructive strike, in his avatar form no less.

Trying, and failing to deal some damage with a pre-emptive strike, the Supreme Guardian soon found himself to be on the back foot, quickly falling to the beast, and ultimately losing his own life. Others would flee and come back, a brave Saifu putting himself on the line to allow them the luxury to do so, but luckily, no one else was to die that day as both parties managed to come to an uneasy truce and cut their losses. Though one thing was certain, this would certainly go down as a decisive victory for Evil.


Month 4 Year 35 - Anarchy In The AL

Some time had passed since the leader of Heaven had lost his true body down on the planet known as Dune, though he had still managed to go about his duty in a makeshift vessel, the only differences being cosmetic. However, being roped in to another situation by his troublesome former western guardian, he'd end up being caught out once more.

The Demon Lord and his hulking right hand man would just happen to find themselves in Limbo at the same time as the Deity. The dead being would instantly prepare to fight, knowing what to expect, and that's exactly what would happen after some minor small talk. The counterparts of good and evil would manage to agree on one thing however, they wanted a straight, one on one fight.

Both knew the risks, but neither would back down, as the massive green beast watched on. The ruler of the underworld would take the upperhand for the majority of the all out fight, both beings tapping in to their full power. Though it'd be the supreme guardian's ace that pulled out the victory in the end, the evil eradication technique known as the Divine Judgement Wave. Both parties knew it was to be a decisive battle, and to the victor would go the spoils, thus the Deity would also destroy the soul of his enemy, completely removing him from existence.

Though the day was not yet won, immediately afterwards up would step the colossal beast, who'd take advantage of the severly weakened keeper of the balance, not that he needed the opportunity, and would also introduce him to his second death. The universe now faced an complete uncertainty, having neither figurehead of the after life in place, though there was at least one being hoping to take over from his former boss.


Year 37 Month 0 - World Martial Arts Tournament

Ever since the young human boy was chosen as the previous Protector's successor, everything seems normal. A lot of things happened but none of them were worth mentioning. The earth has become quiet, it has made the Protector to wonder if the earthling had gone bored. But no more, Sora thought of an idea, it doesn't only benefit the earth but himself too. In search of a strong fighter, he plan to host a tournament, where anyone can join. It might look like an ordinary tournament but Sora's true intention is to find someone worthy, someone who he can trust, someone who can lend him their strength.

The building itself took Sora months before he finally finish. Its time to demonstrate his ability, by using one of his ability, telepathy. Telepathy, a way to communicate with others using his mind. He channel his energy throughout the world, speaking with people across the planet.

"Greetings, citizens of earth. I will introduce myself, my name is Sora, the Protector of Earth and I will held a tournament by three more years. The winner of the tournament not only get recognize as the Earth's strongest fighter but will also receives a reward that has yet to be decided, runner-up will also receives a reward as well! Feel free to join whenever you want but make sure it's before the date of the tournament. If you are interested to join, search for me, Sora or my assistant, Talon to sign up for the tournament. The arena is just directly ahead of the beach, more information can be found there!"


Year 40 month 0 - World Martial Arts Tournament Changes

Three years had passed. However, the tournament isn't starting?! Due to the lack of contestant, the time of the tournament was extended for another year. In addition, Sora has thought of an idea to lure more people in joining the tournament. Throughout the planet, the people can once again hear Sora's voice.

"Greetings, citizens of earth. Its me, Sora. The tournament has added another year due to the lack of contestant. In addition, whoever joins receives two-hundred thousands zenni as their reward for their courage to join the World Martial Arts Tournament. It also means another year to train, so train harder, if you wanted to register, feel free to meet me up on the same place! Contact me or my assistant, Talon"


Month 0 Year 42 - World Martial Arts Tournament Begins! Part One

Match 1: Abigor vs. Shinji Miyamoto Abigor begins the match by expanding his muscle, turning into a giant. He rampage across the ring however, Shinji was able to predict his slow attack. In the end Shinji unleashed his attack by launching Abigor into the sky, while in mid-air, he used his technique"SUCHIRU: MAXIMUM DRIVER!" slamming Abigor into the ring.

Match 2: Tecne vs. Gopon Aedo The fight begins with hand-to-hand combat, the two are mainly even but Tecne was much stronger in terms of power. As they clash against each other, their speed impressive, its hard to keep up with them. Unfortunately, due to Tecne's misfortune, he was knocked out from the ring and was ring-out. Gopon won by default.

Match 3: Kaori Yakumaski vs. Rosa, The Muscle Man The fight starts when Rosa formed a triangular-shaped using each of his finger. He gathered immense energy but failed to use his technique when Kaori teleport towards his back, slamming him across the ring. Rosa, enraged, pulled out his sword by accident due to being ignorant and was disqualified as a result.

Match 4: Kaori Yakumaski vs. Gopon Aedo Gopon and Kaori was about to give it their all. Kaori disappeared in a blink of an eye and appeared behind Gopon and darted forwards, sending two kick against Gopon and a last hit aimed to his gut. This was supposed to be an honorable fight but Gopon was knocked out from the ring before he even managed to do anything. Kaori won by ring-out.

Match 5 and Final Match: Kaori Yakumaski vs Shinji Miyamoto Kaori disappeared once more when the fight begun as she did with her two previous fights. Shinji was caught in her surprise attack but it only stagger Shinji, Kaori's punches didn't actually did much against him. The fight ended when Shinji used his Suchiru art once more. While Kaori was in mid-air, Shinji grins. "SUCHIRU ART: PREYING EAGLE STRIKE!" with that, Kaora collides the tile forcefully, Shinji's final attack being extremely force, she impacts with so much force that her whole body bounces back off at out of the ring. Shinji won by default.


Year 45, Month 0 Catastrophe! On Planet Verdusa.

Somewhere off in the eastern capital of Verdusa, an experimental procedure had gone horribly awry due to a freak meteor destroying a small block of the city. The small block had contained a small combat dojo, teaching young Verdu some fighting style. There was a horrific experiment going on deep below this dojo, it was unfortunately interrupted by the meteor. A young Verdu was seen coming out of the meteor impact. Then there was nothing. A small glimpse of power could be felt from around the galaxy, striking fear into many being's hearts. What came out of that city, which now lays in waste as a giant scar, upon the planet of Verdusa?


Month 2 Year 45 - Three Warriors of Legend Emerge!

A ferocious battle raged on the plains of Verdusa, scarring the face of the planet as five powers clashed. It had been a long time brewing; Kangetsu had been viewed as becoming soft by his followers for years. Finally, they had taken action. The revolt was lead by three main conspirators – Abigor, a daemonic influenced being who had long been a cause of grief in the King's life; Eklair, a fellow Verdu who was enraged of the brutal murder of her companion Saitos at Kangetsu's hand; and Jake, his own brother, who had spent his life living in his siblings shadow. The three of them each had their own reasons for plotting his downfall, and each had different end goals in mind. Jake did not want him killed, just to be removed from power. The other two had far more malicious terms in mind.

Upon finally confronting him, the King refused to stand down. He could not believe his betrayal, after all he had done in the name of his people. Once or twice, Kang had certainly fell from grace, this much was true. But his daemonic taint had long been cleansed. A showdown proceeded between himself, Abigor and Eklair, as Jake watched on conflicted.

The battle itself was fairly one sided to begin with, Kangetsu being unable to match their powers combined. Before long he was being overwhelmed, and telepathically communicated his lover, Kaori, for a final farewell. She rushed to the scene as fast as she possibly could, wishing to defend her King from the betrayal. She instantly joined the fray as she arrived, attempting to even the sides . . . However they were still out-matched. Before long Abigor had the upper hand against her, and Eklair against Kang.

In a final showdown, Eklair and Kang became locked in a struggle of Chi. Being badly beaten from the preceding battle however, Kangetsu was eradicated – completely wiped from the mortal realm. Without, warning, Kaori and Jake simultaneously snapped.

The power of their Verdu ancestors empowered them, allowing their rage to unlock a state of power unheard of; they had ascended beyond regular Verdu. At his brothers death Jake joined with Kaori, for he didn't seek Kang's disposal, only to be given the opportunity for personal glory. The following battle was extremely one sided. Abigor used his own transformation, expanding his muscle mass considerable with his Chi to match their own powers – However, this rendered him far to slow to even land a hit. Before long, he had been defeated. Jake furiously channelled his own beam of Chi at the two, and in a final attempt to preserve Eklairs life, he took the impact of the blast himself, his own flame being extinguished.

At this, Eklair became enraged herself. Twice now, she had watched those considered friends die, for her protection. Last time, when Saitos was annihilated, and now Abigor. Her anguish pushed her over the edge, her own inner potential unlocked as she too becomes an Ascended Verdu. Unfortunately for her, she had sustained too many injuries to fight effectively. Stopping for nothing, Kaori mercilessly assaults her lovers murderer, and after a brief yet deadly battle, Eklair lay beaten and bruised. Kneeling down next to her, Kaori plunges her clawed hand into Eklairs skull, blasting it to smithereens with a powerful pulse of Chi. And with that, Kangetsu's death had been fully avenged.

After a light scuffle, Jake and Kaori part ways; one now the King, the other abandoning Verdusa entirely.


Month 4 Year 59 - Terror! At The Dojo

Out of the blue, on the planet Earth, the Verdu responsible for the destruction of the Eastern Capital had surfaced, but this time unlike before, there was no panicking child, or monsterous fury. Only rage. Thom Moreu, he dubbed himself after his 'rebirth', stood there, outside of Nilo's Dojo, where his newfound self transformed into the golden warrior of legend, a Super Verdu. The real reason for the confrontation was a simple one for the Verdu. Practice. Valerian, Azula, Nilo, Kamui and Talon were the only training dummies he could find. Each one of them was practically helpless against the monster. Only occasionally managing to damage him. Valerian was taken out quickly as Thom deemed him the most dangerous, the human was smashed into the ground, promptly taken out. Nilo soon fell after. At this point, the Verdu deemed the warm up over, leaving the warriors to lick their wounds.


Year 62, Month 8 - Suffering! At the Docks

Nilo Barco, a human and former friend to the personality that resided in Thom Moreu had challenged the hulking giant of a Verdu to a battle, one on one, on the planet Earth. The young man had thought, his increase in power was going to be good enough to combat the Super Verdu. He was wrong. With in just a few minutes of battle, the human had his head punched straight into the ground, tossed around like a rag doll and had one of his elbows dislocated, and the wrist on that arm snapped like a twig. The foolish human attempted one last attack, resulting in the rage of the behemoth coming down upon him. The human had passed out when his other wrist was snapped. The punishment wasn't done just yet, Thom stepped on the human's legs, breaking them in half, leaving the human, beaten and broken on the beach.


Year 68, Month 6 - New Era of the River Hermit

Years had passed since the once young man Kazuo Kichirou completed his tutelage under the former River Hermit Karuma'Sai Tesalaru. It was inevitable the elder passed, but he thought he had more time with the man whom had become his master, and like a father to him. As the death hit him hard succumbing into a state of reclusivness, he spent several years alone truly taking on the title that had been passed down to him 'Hermit', and once the presence of a threat hit the Earth it shook him awake, but it wasmany years too late. Recieving news of the most recent happenings upon his home learning of the death of one of the stongest humans, Shinji Miyamoto it again shook the now elder, and it pushed him even farther onto his true path. Aquiring a new set of goals along his journey he reunited with his sister, whose age began to catch up to her. Vowing to save his sister, and to find a suitable student.

In a few months time a new World Tournament was held the second of it's kind with that title.Truly it was impressive, and the elder took place in it making it all the way to the final fight with a younger human named 'Nilo Braco' whom he'd met previously in his own youth, whilst outclassed a one 'Nilo Braco' proved himself in the now River Hermit's eyes that he was the one for his teachings. Making a vow to the younger that he would recieve his training, the battle was not so impressive as the others, but the both of them fought to their hardest in the end Nilo was crowned champion, whilst for once in his life Kazuo had become the runner up, and now dons the new era of the River Hermit, what awaits the two in their journey together? Will their peace last? Or will it all come shattering down?


Month 5 Year 74 - Return of the Master

Shinji Miyamoto walked outside, reaching up with something to block out the intense sunlight breaking through the clouds and hitting his eyes. He squinted, realizing with some awe that it was his hand. He lowered it down, gazing at it with awe on his face. He could feel it - his heart beating in his chest again - his lungs contracting and expanding with air. His usually void, stoic face was alight with energy - he beamed, and let out a triumphant "YAHOO!" which could be heard across the mysterious planet.

He jumped into the air, laughing exuberantly as he darted in and out of the clouds. He felt like a child again - despite really being an ancient soul by mortal standards, thrust back into a youthful body. Back and forth he flew, unable to contol the rolling waves of merriment coming from him, slamming back into the ground like a bullet - leaving a bit of an imprint in the grass.

He didn't feel pain - only the lush, cool feeling of grass on his face. Heaven had grass, sure - but he didn't have a body to experience it with. Every little sensation - the cold swipes of the flat sides of the blades, the tingly poking sensation of the dryer pieces against his exposed skin - the smell of dirt and nature invading his nostrils, tantalizing him, making him feel grounded and alive. He rolled over, laughing still, although it was slowly diminishing as he stared up into the clouds, letting out a contented sigh. Alive again.

And there he lay, for what seemed like forever. His mind was still buzzing, but as it slowed and cooled, he began to frown softly. What was the force that had brought him here? He had just been told by the overwatcher of Heaven - who, may not have been the highest authority, but was the only authority of the afterlife Shinji had ever met - that he wasn't special. He was just another mortal, who had died as biology intended, and would spend eternity in "'paradise" Yet, someone or something had stepped in, and thrust him back into his own life. He looked down at his hands. His body was his, but also not - it was revitalized, as it had been before. His scars were gone, his skin showing none of the wear and tear of a life of combat.

He sat up, sighing. He remembered his youth - his actual youth, when he still knew little about life and the universe at large. The strange little creature that had claimed to be God, and had told him the meaning of life. Plastic. One, simple word. Back then he hadn't thought anything of it. Now, though, he couldn't help but wonder. Reflecting on his life before, it had been rather hollow. The memories of his family, the memories that still burned deeply into his mind, had filled him with hate and mistrust. That hate and mistrust had been useful, giving him the fuel to work, and work, and work, until his body was a finely tuned, hyper-lethal weapon. Yet for all that, he had never been his true self - always pretending to be wiser, and stronger, and more relevant than he truly was. Perhaps he was the strongest in the universe. Perhaps he wasn't. The question he felt himself asking now was simply: Why?

Why had he been brought back? What was his purpose? It was clear he must be here for some reason, else he would have been left to rot in the otherworld. He stood up slowly, flexing his body around - getting a feel for what it was like to be mortal again, confined within a living vessel. It felt amazing. He smiled, looking upward. He had been given what most never could be given: A second chance. He just needed to make sure he didn't fuck it up, and destiny would reveal to him the path he had been brought back to walk. He was certain of it.

Miyamoto Shinji, Master of Suchiru, Champion of the Iron Fist fighting league, Champion of Sora's Galactic Martial Arts Tournament had returned


Month 2 Year 84 - Clash! At The Dunes

Thom Moreu, the Ascended Verdu of Legend had made another appearance. This time, challenging Kaori Yakumaski to a duel. The woman intended to beat out the Verdu Arrogance that the man seemed to carry with him. What she didn't know was that he had unlocked a new form, one which seemed to refine the power of her Ultra Ascended Verdu, without the loss of speed. The duel was over in a matter of seconds. Heavy strikes so powerful the shockwaves alone would demolish cities. By the end of the fight, Thom stood tall, pain still fresh in his memory as he showed the usual signs of a Verdu. A constant thirst to prove himself. He spared his opponent, and the planet she was on, just so that he would have a chance of facing her again, once she refined her abilties. The hulking mass of power, decided to idly throw some of his weakest possible ki blasts into space, destroying numerous planets all over the galaxy in different locations. Heralding his return with destruction.


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