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 Story logs Wipe #3

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PostSubject: Story logs Wipe #3   Story logs Wipe #3 I_icon_minitimeSat May 13, 2017 9:15 pm

Story Entries

Year 0: The Conquest of Heaven.
In the spawning pits of hell, new fresh daemonic lesser deities and a few Daemonspawn verdu had gathered to plot against the denizens of the beautiful heaven. One stood out among the special warriors that sought to slaughter heaven and in it's place create a second paradise for demons which would thrive on torturing the innocent souls, not ones of the damned. His name is Darkarth. He took leadership into his own hands and was the one who took the initiative by talking his fellow colleagues into it. Despite the failures of the previous demon lords, he believed that through smarts and cunning as well as the combined might of their powers, they could succeed.

Their steps made the aura of heaven tremble, their corruption spreading through the entrance immediately upon arrival. Only the weakest of deities had shown up with the strongest nowhere to be seen. It seems like this was the last stand which probably stood no chance at all. Darkarth took advantage of this event, sending his hordes of demons that he had just recently gathered upon the weaklings. Many had fell before their claws, bodies of deities littering the lands as their blood seeped into the ground. Was this it? Is this all they had? Why did they put up no resistance? Even the demons felt it was too boring, they even expected a challenge. Pure disappointment.

With the demons finished as a result of their powers being too great for any to take on, they had left back to hell, having secured a front base for their own kind. Now they will truly have some fun. The screams of the damned grew boring, it's the begging of the innocent that brings true pleasure to them. No soul shall be safe. They all will feel the wrath of hell.

Year 3: Return of the Guard.
Years ago, before the current events of Verdusa, a young Verdu king had went on a conquest against many scattered races of the planet, effectively doing the same action as many before him. Among his followers were loyal royal guard, those who protected the King with their lives and owed it to themselves to ensure that his goals would succeed . . . but they never did. The King was killed by Saifu blasters as his group was outnumbered by the scientists and their mechanical robots. Many of the royal guard fled, losing their honor among the Verdu. One of those royal guard was Urgash, considered to be the King's right hand man. He had hid in isolation for many of his years, trying to regain his honor through intense training.

After having heard of a promising batch of Verdu, Urgash had come out of isolation and decided to pay them a visit. Once he had found them, he was speechless. Their powers were measly compared to him and only Raizek was close yet still so far. He challenged all the warriors to fight him, a few of them accepting this challenge. One of the bravest Verdu in the group, Kiro, decided that he would start the fight off with the Avatar state, having instantly made a fake moon to turn himself into the fabled form. Urgash and Kiro clashed, exchanging blows, but Kiro ultimately fell.

While Urgash was standing on top of Kiro, Raizek had been charging his guide bomb and caught him off guard, effectively knocking him out before the bodyguard could react. Urgash felt as if he had lost all his honor, but Raizek decided that he will play fair this time and challenged him to a one on one duel. The winner regains his honor . . . while the Verdu honor rules also said that the winner judges the loser. They both clashed, Raizek overcoming Urgash for the first few combos of the bout, yet Urgash regained his focus and managed to start winning in the second half of the fight. Through sheer anger, Raizek charged at the bodyguard and they continued to battle, but Raizek ultimately lost, for the first time tasting defeat.

As a punishment for having used a cheap way to win the first fight, Urgash had broken the arm Raizek used to knock Urgash out, but he had spared him. Seeing that no others chose to challenge him, Urgash had walked out, informing them to prepare for the next time, because they will have to battle to the death when he comes back and he will show no mercy to any Verdu in the room anymore. No more monkey business.
Year 5 - A new elder.
The people of planet Ramen had peaceful lives, their civilization spanned several rural villages each led by a town elder. The town elders had ful autonomy regarding their towns, but reported in to an individual known as the Ramen Sage. The Ramen Sage was in charge of keeping the best interest of the planet and the Sunai'l race at heart, guiding the elders when needed.

However, as it so often does in life, death struck, claiming the life of the current Ramen Sage after a long lived existence. It was decided by the town elders that the Ramen Sages pupil would take his place; the young Solandros. The young boy accepted the responsibility, participating in the ritual with the elders. By the time the cycle of the third sun ended, Solandros was ready to perform his duties and guide the Sunai'l race to prosperity.
Year 6: Rise of the Demon Lord
In the darkest depths of hell, two fated deities had clashed on top of a tower in the ultimate bout for power. The spirit of the demon lord, who had materialized a body to fight in, faced off against Darkarth, the one who hungered greatly for the power to reign over all daemonic deities within the afterlife. The spirit had much more speed and power than Darkarth, surpassing him in nearly all aspects, but Darkarth had previously found a small artifact that gave him answers about where the spirit was hiding . . . and now even revealed that it was the prison made for the spirit long ago . . . all but forgotten.

Having found out this, Darkarth asked the artifact to imprison the spirit within itself, believing that it could. The artifact had followed Darkarth's request, drawing in the spirit from it's materialized body as it screamed in agony. Darkarth then, as a final request, asked the artifact to feed him the spirit and all it's power. As the power poured into Darkarth, the artifact had been destroyed because it had no further purpose anymore. With this gained might, Darkarth shattered the tower with one swipe of his hand, deviously grinning as he yelled across all of hell: "Servants of hell! Hear my call! I am your new master and we shall play the biggest game in existance with the living realm as our playground!" The Demon lord has risen once more.
Year 9: Princess Andromeda and the New World
Appearing on the only civilized region of Earth, Andromeda began preaching her purpose. She met Jaison Hermata, who she soon revealed to that she was a princess, and had royal blood flowing through her viens. She had been sent to Earth's vagabond regions to conquer and unite the people under the New World that was already going through changes. Making speeches and rallying her new subjects for a rising cause, many of Earth's inhabitants rejected her place as the Princess and refused to submit to her rule.

Outlaws and rogues became rebels to the Princess and her system, vowing complete insubordination as long as she claimed to be their leader. It did not take long for things to become violent, as Princess Andromeda announced a royal decree and declared war on the outlaws and rebels of Earth. Now through the means of conventional warfare, the planet is plagued by explosive skirmishes between the people of Andromeda's Kingdom, and the outlaws who refuse to conform in a war that would appear to be without end.*
Year 12: A Promised Return.
Years after the battle between Raizek and Urgash, the time has come for the royal bodyguard to return after having trained intensely in preparation for the Verdu. He had said that this battle would be to the death and he intended to keep that statement true. He wasn't going to go easy. Urgash bashed through the doors once more, pointing towards the Verdu as he had exclaimed for them to fight him all at once after resting up. Three of them rose to the challenge: Learius, Paseri, Veden. They all were prepared to fight for their lives. Paseri had aimed to take the full blunt of Urgash's melee attacks while the other two had focused on taking advantage of ki. Careful planning was put into account here.

As Urgash and Paseri had exchanged blows with Urgash on top, Veden and Learius had been charging their ki attacks. As the fighting continued, Paseri had decided to use her own quick and weak ki against Urgash, that had revealed one mortal weakness that Urgash had: He couldn't take blasts for anything . . . He was so weak to them that even a way lower powered being could simply destroy him in a few shots. Paseri's barrage attacks mortally wounded him, but he was still standing. Urgash had managed to dent her a few more before he got knocked out by Veden's and Learius's guide bombs. He had lost to the weakest bunch of the fighters, they would've had the help of the stronger ones . . . But they proved that they're strong together even if they're weak individually. Paseri had dealt the finishing blow to Urgash . . . ending his life . . . and sending him to a worse eternity.
Year 12 - The Eternal Dragon.
The Ramen Sage had finally managed to finalize the ritual he had been studying for so long; revitalizing the Eternal Dragon by empowering the relics left behind by the gods in ancient times. It had been a grueling task, but soon after the sky of Ramen darkened, illuminated not by its usual three suns, but by a gargantuan gold dragon. The Ramen Sage and his trusted bodyguard spoke with the dragon, afterwhich it dissapeared in a bright golden flash of light. Things had taken a rather interesting turn for the peaceful planet.
Year 15 - The Games Have Begun.
Finally, the day has arrived where space travel was becoming commonly known and more frequently used . . . but that's not the point . . . The daemonic lesser deities have finally decided to make their move upon the living realm, selecting Verdusa as the main target for their grand game that will be unfolded throughout the years! The lord himself Darkarth knew that he had waited long enough and was anxious to start his game on the inhabitants of Verdusa. He had brought a few fateful servants to watch, travelling to Verdusa and finding the strongest warriors on the planet. He had come across Veden, Kenju, Rex and Paseri, the best of the Verdu race. He had first put on a facade for the time being, pretending to be friendly even if his aura suggested something otherwise. He invited them to his -home-, three of them accepting as they were taken only to find something much much worse.

They had arrived at Hell itself, the very thing the worst bunch have to live through for an eternity. The screams of the dead had echoed in their minds, tormenting them on a spiritual level as Darkarth decided to reveal the first part of his game. It included scattering them across many planets as they would have to fend for themselves and make allies with the inhabitants should they ever want a chance to reunite. Nonetheless, he had spread the three of them to three different planets while having something else in mind for his loyal subjects.

While the Verdu aimed to reunite, Darkarth had decided that they will find nothing short of genocide when they go back to their planet. With his loyal deities, he had went back to Verdusa for yet another visit, charging his energy so he could annihilate the children of the planet along with most infrastructure on it, the strongest beings on the planet were the only survivors. His allies had also played a part, destroying newborn babies as the race was basically doomed to extinction. It won't be a pretty sight from space.

Year 15: Earth's War Intensifies
Rex, King of the Verdu appeared on Earth after the Darkarth crisis on Verdu, seeking assistance from Princess Andromeda to return to his homeworld. Earth had not yet achieved any amazing feats of space travel, and could not guarantee they could get him home in a timely manner. In return for assistance, Rex agreed to assist in Earth's war effort against the rebels. Andromeda feared the power of the Verdu King, and would do everything in her power to help him return to Verdusa.

By air, land, and sea, Earths armies began to mobilize on rebel cities and compounds across the planet. The Abyssal star marred the sky red as they began to engage the rebels, mortar firing beginning to bombard rebel cities with warplane bombing raides becomming a daily occurance. The rebels held resources that the Earth needed to fund the space program, and out of fear of Rex's power, Andromeda turned the entire planet into a battlefield in the name of resource gathering to bring the Verdu King home.

Year 18: The First Test.
A while after the seperation of the Verdu and the genocide committed by Darkarth, he had decided that it's time to see the progress made by one of the Verdu. He had a faithful and loyal inhabitant of hell who he thought had the perfect chance of getting some sweet revenge while also testing Paseri for him. To make him prove himself, Darkarth had given Raizek his body and taken him to the planet where Paseri was located. Once arriving, Darkarth had briefly introduced her with a known -pal- and thus had started off the first test out of the three very quickly.

The two of them had quickly begun to battle, each landing precise blows on one another. The both of them, despite Raizek's weaker power, had seemed fairly matched, although Raizek was incapable of tanking Paseri's ki attacks and thus fell to her quickly. Even so, she was still pretty damaged from the fight which Darkarth had taken advantage of. Disappointed by his own power gain, he sought to find out just how Paseri gained much power over a very short course of time. He had broken her physically and mentally, revealing to a few of her friends across the planets just how he was breaking her, aiming to make them hate Darkarth even further.

During this torture, a new friend that Paseri made named Keitoro had felt pretty brave even though he was much much weaker than any of the fighters. He used his cleverness to try and crush Darkarth so the both of them could escape. While this could've most definitely worked on him, Darkarth had decided that he will reveal one of his trump card's that he aimed to not use until a much much later time. He had revealed his powered up form, using the power and armor of the previous Demon lord to get stronger. Keitoro was in full fear and thus proceeded to do what the Demon lord had asked of him. Once satisfied, Darkarth and Raizek had left back to their base so Darkarth could plot about the next test that he should do.

Year 19: The Second Test.
A year after the previous test that had been held against Paseri, Darkarth had decided to try and hold the next text by himself, because it was going to be against a person who had intrigued him beyond belief. The person himself was Veden and he was the only one out of the group whom Darkarth was looking towards fighting. As soon as he arrived on the planet where Veden was located, he had dashed towards his location, ending up there nearly in an instant as the two squared off with Darkarth expressing his desire to fight him.

The two rushed off, beginning the fight with pure ki as Veden had charged his new technique. Believing Veden to be a tank, Darkarth had decided that he would also begin with ki, although his own ki was interrupted by Veden's attack before he could fire. This had dealt a massive blow to Darkarth, but then Veden made the fatal mistake of trying to take on Darkarth in one on one melee combat. Darkarth was built to take punches, feeling barely anything from what Veden could throw at him, while Veden felt every single punch. After a short while, Darkarth had regained his composure and position within the fight, Veden had switched back to ki when it was too late.

The fight was nearing the end, Veden firing as many ki blasts as possible while Darkarth still resorted to his punches. Eventually, Veden had become more injured than Darkarth and was near unconsciousness, that's when he asked to stop the fight. Darkarth, satisfied with the whole fight and how much he's been pushed to the edge, complied with Veden's request and simply left back to his base, allowing Veden to have passed the test. He was the only opponent who made Darkarth feel so excited during a fight.
Year 24: The Legends.
The time has come for the next part of Darkarth's plans to unveil. He had decided that the two Verdu who were rapidly progressing were also ready to be broken by his hand. First, it was time to laid the foundations for their mental stress. He had come back to Verdusa for the last and only time, a huge ki blast focused in his right hand, just enough to blow up the whole planet and lit up the sky for many known planets. He sent the blast downwards, sinking it into the ground as he quickly teleported away to his next target, Ramen. The planet had exploded in the background, easily see-able by many people in other solar systems.

Darkarth arrived at the palace of the child emperor, declaring his intent of breaking both Veden and Paseri at the same time. He had powered up to his maximum and most powerful form, the Aether armor. The battle had begun with the both Verdu focusing on ki, but the Child Emperor had declared that he could undo Darkarth's destruction of Verdusa in a single day. Darkarth was angered by this, using his own amulet to trap the Sage forever, continuing the fight afterwards. As he was starting to lose, Darkarth had decided that he would ultimately break the will of both Verdu, telling them that Rex is inside the amulet and then breaking it so they could have no chance of regaining the people trapped inside.

The two Verdu were broken after this, crawling on the ground out of mental stress as they finally achieved the secrets of their Bloodline, getting closer to Sun Wukong than ever before. With their new powers unlocked, Darkarth was beat into submission and ultimately was going to be tortured until he gave an answer as to how to fix the amulet. Instead, Darkarth declared that he would blow them all into smithereens by self destructing, but he was finished off before he could do that and thus his soul was sent back to the realm that he reigns over. It seems like Darkarth for the time being is over . . . and the Verdu victorious.

Later...In Hell...
"What do you mean you won't revive me!?" An angry cloud yelled. A petite demongirl smirked, laying on her Verdu throne and said: "I mean, no. N-O. restoring souls to life isn't fun at all. Maybe later, if you ask nice."
Andromeda | Year 25 - The Imperial Presidency
Princess Andromeda appeared to have eyes and ears everywhere with a constant flow of information coming in and out of her base. There appeared to be a universal flow of intel constantly passing through the well gaurded headquarters which always made its way to Andromeda. Having received word that Darkarth has perished, she is also informed the leader of a planet named 'Ramen' had also been sent to hell, leaving the planet with no leader.

In a shocking display of power, Princess Andromeda used her power as Earth's monarch and abolished the current monarchy system and changed turned it into an Imperial Democracy. With doing so, the system granted her laws that would allow her to invade territory that was not on planet Earth. Otherwise, allowing her to wage war with other planets. With the system changed, her title of Princess changed to President as she extended her governing rule over Earth's people.

But this change was only the beginning. Andromeda seeked to immediately use the power she was granted to initiate a false flag against the planet Ramen. Andromeda campaigned across the Earth, blaming planet Ramen and it's natives for previous attacks on the planet Earth and Andromeda's base. Signs were posted everywhere that read 'REPORT ALIEN ACTIVITY' in all of the major cities.

"We have the technology! We have the means of space travel, and the we will ensure the extra terrestrials are held accountable for their actions!" Andromeda claimed in one of her speeches, spreading propoganda and making Earth citizens believe Ramen was responsible for the alien activity. With the people of Earth rilled up to fight against a foriegn enemy from another galaxy, hundreds of Earth warships take off from the planet and head towards Ramen. Thousands of soldiers fully equipped with advanced high tech military gear were prepared to wage war with the planet Ramen without it's leader and plunder it for resources. With this, planet Earth's warmongering and greed for power would soon begin surfacing across the stars.

Rumors began to spread across planet Earth that Andromeda was a master manipulator, exploiting the entire universe for her own personal agenda.

Year 27 - The battle for Ramen
The Earth fleet had finally arrived above planet Ramen, several hundred battleships armed with state of the art Earth weaponry aiming their guns at all the towns of the Sunai'l race. The Ramen Sage, only just freed from his interdimensional prison, looked in terror as the sky darkened by the sheer amount of ships ahead. Fortunately, planet Ramen had made friends and allies that came to its protection and soon Veden,

Paseri and Domina were at the scene to put an end to the invasion. The trio of defenders tried to persuade the army to back off, saying they did not want any bloodshed. The fleet however had other idea's, believing they could overpower such a minor nuisance they initiated the attack. This opening act of agression, combined with the delays in reports to and orders from Earth due to the vast planetary distance, resulted in chaos on the battlefield.

Eventually Rex, a trusted associate of Andromeda and king of the Verdu race, arrived on the scene, trying to convince everyone to stand down. At this point however, it was far to late. Veden and Paseri had long since transformed into their Super Verdu forms. Veden kept on the defensive, deflecting and reflecting as many shots as he could to defend the Sunai'l population, while Paseri prepared a devastating attack under the protection of Domina. By the time Rex had reached out to them to stop, several hundred ki spheres filled the sky and launched towards the fleet.
The entire sky of Ramen turned into a crimson sea of fire and metal as all the ships were completely obliterated and torn to shreds. Rex was caught in the blasts, stuck in the middle of the death and destruction. Once the smoke had cleared the Verdu king was nowhere to be seen anymore...

Meanwhile, on Earth.
Reports came in as the fleet arrived at planet Ramen, notifying the president and her staff of their progress and eventually, their demise. Andromeda's decisions had been called into question several times lately and now, with the destruction of the fleet, they had become even more so. When even her trusted advisors started to call her out on her actions she buckled, emotions and pressure rolling over her. The president of Earth stepped down after an emotional speech and put herself into exile, leaving the planet she had worked so hard for behind for now to protect it from herself.
Year 28: For Heavens sake!
It came to pass that in the depths of Heaven a small arrangement of lesser Divine deities formed a coalition against the stationed in Hell but now, they had trained well enough and pushed them back in the waking moments of Darkarths death. Leaving the Daemons weakened and in this Kangetsu the Crusader against all Evil would arise. Leading the charge against the Daemons and pushing them out of Heaven. Reclaiming the Heavens for the sake of all mortals to have a safe place to rest for the rest of their days.

However, it was not over there... They needed to prevent Daemons from coming back in. So Kangetsu placed a seal on the gate of Heaven. This would at least hold off the forces of Hell in the afterlife for the time being while Kangetsu trained up to fight the head of the Demons himself.

For his duties though, Greater Deities would promote Kang to Supreme Leader of Heaven. This Chess game had only just begun as a Pawn would emerge fighting as a Knight during the holy crusades. Soon he would have to face this... and as Stubborn as he was... this would definitely be the next chapter for the afterlife and Life as the people in this universe would all see it.
Year 39: History repeats.
Nearly a decade after Verdusa had been restored, peace promptly followed, at least as peaceful as a planet full of warrior types could be. The lives that were once wiped away had returned as if nothing had happened, no one expected however, that this would be the calm before the storm.

Two Verdu left the Saifu building, one leaving the planet and another staying behind with a twisted expression on his face. An ordinary looking child, the harbinger of death, didn't hesitate to follow through with his threat. It began as mass-murder, snuffing the life of every Saifu within range, however his bloodlust wasn't sated. It didn't take long as the first wave of death grasped Verdusa, crimson droplets of energy raining down, exploding upon impact. Those who survived hid, and those who hid, were eventually found.

Caves were filled with the cremated corpses of men, women and children, there was no discrimination when it came to their deaths. Promptly after, an irruption of power occured, the second wave of death taking hold as a massive swirling sphere of flames hovered over Verdusa. It however, would only be seen for a few seconds, promptly after its creation it burst and released a hail of hellfire. Everyone on the surface of Verdusa had been burned to a crips, corpses littering the planet, buildings reduced to rubble.

The lives that had been restored on planet Verdusa had once again been snuffed out, it seemed the planet's fate was inevitable. The genocide of the Verdu and Saifu had been carried out, and by a child nonetheless. It was all viewed as a game to him, the lives of the innocent merely casualties in a planetary game of hide and seek.
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Story logs Wipe #3
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