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 Awakening Story Logs Wipe #2

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PostSubject: Awakening Story Logs Wipe #2   Awakening Story Logs Wipe #2 I_icon_minitimeMon Jun 08, 2015 11:34 pm

~Peculiar Occurrences, Unsettling Appearances!~

-Year 3 - Month 1 - Verdusa-

Off the coast of Verdusa's capital, far across the merciless, endless ocean, a small island stands. Isolated. To the normal eye one would mistake it for an island just like any other; for like the rest of Verdusa it lay barren, arid, and dust-strewn. However on closer inspection, a small entrance in the rock-face is noticeable. It is not the cave itself which is of interest, but what hides within . . .

Anyone who passes by would be privy to hearing chants and the reading of ancient scriptures. They would steal glimpses of those who lived inside, as they fought and meditated and revered their God. Every know and then, they'd witness several of the masked inhabitants leaving their humble abode, to collect the resources they required. They would have the opportunity to learn of the might Sun Wukong . . . However people never do pass by it. And so the lonely little island stands in solitude, it's inhabitants cloistered in their dank little cave, preparing rigorously.

Preparing for what, you ask? Only time will tell . . .


-Year 6 - Month 11 - Verdusa-

Time. Time halts for no man. Days fade into weeks, weeks morph into months, months strech to years. Several long years. Yet Verdusa remained ever unchanged; arid, decrepit, borderline inhabitable. It was this which made her people strong – The Verdu struggled on in their plight under the blazing heat of the twin suns and the scent of change wafted in the heavy air.

Amongst rolling wave, near isolated from the rest of the globe, the little cave stood almost insignificantly. Invisible to all but one . . .

A young Verdu boy, adventurous in spirit and eager to escape the brewing war mounting over ruler ship, found himself before the small crevice at the edge of the world. With heaps of curiosity, and a lack of caution, Wababge ventured inside – paying no heed to the tales of misadventure that reportedly transpired within.

Upon entering, he met with the Minamoto siblings; Haruki, The Will of Wukong; Kazuki, The Fist of Wukong; Mayuki Minamoto, The Mind of Wukong. Three followers of the 'Scriptures of Twin Suns', the Cult of Sun Wukong. The true sons and daughter of Sun Wukong, dedicated to the education and uplifting the Verdu to past glory – through any means necessary.

After hesitation from both sides and a weary exchange, the young green haired Verdu found himself enthralled by the tales Mayuki told. The path to retribution had been lain bare before him, and the triumvirate of shepherds would lead the way. At last he had found the home he sought
so desperately.

And thus, the conversion had begun.

~Peace Upon Ramen~

-Year 7 – Month 4 – Ramen-

The days were long on Ramen. Longer than most planets that could sustain life in fact. The sentient race of Sunai'l had adapted to this fact, being a plant-like people who thrived on sunlight and water alone. For thousands upon thousands of years, the Sunai'l people lived in peace and prospered. Though not as technologically inclined as some of the other races in the Universe, their spirituality knew no bounds. Indeed, the biggest problem the Sunai'l ever had to deal with was when one of its planets numerous suns would escape under the horizon for no less than a few minutes, or if a cloud pattern seemed to disturb the constant beautiful days that they had come to expect. The old castes of the Sunai'l clan's purpose were a thing of the past, the foreboding prophecies of a long dead Sunai'l ancient forgotten, and the fear of any type of omen or negative day were far from the minds of any Sunai'l.

Amongst the people of Sunai'l lived a pair of brothers. Kindred brothers of the same father, Treble and Bass lived their days as joyful as can be. Though Treble found himself under the "Warrior" clan, and Bass the "Dragon" clan, the two shared the love and compassion that two siblings of any race would. The oddest thing to strike the planet for a while was the fact that the elder brother Treble seemed to have a strange trait that made him stand out from the other Warrior clan Sunai'l, however it didn't seem to mean much. . . For a time.

~Wendigo's Return~

-Year 11 - Month 8 - Cryos-

Stories talked of the Triumvirate of Cryos Old. Wendigo the Patron of the Emperors, Jotuun the Patron of the Tyrants and finally Sauman Kar the Patron of the Royals. These three formed what was to be the  start of the most powerful empire in the galaxy at the time. Thousands upon thousands of years ago. The three of them carried each a relic, associated with them. Many believed these items to be a legend, or lost to time.  

Perma Frost had taken an interest in these ancestors, Wendigo intrigued him greatly. The weakest of the trio at the start, before unlocking a great power within him, which allowed him to dwarf his fellows. Perma Frost had since usurped the throne from a weaker member of the Royal class. He utilised the power to locate any and allinformation pertaining to the locations of these relics. He had found them after many months of research, pinpointing they existed on a temple on the planet's moon. He traveled there, and sought out the object of his desire. The Mantle of Wendigo. He had spent a month prostrating to be deemed worth of the mantle. He had decided to do away with his old name, and take on the Deity's.

~The Surrendering~

-Year 12 - Month 2 - Verdusa-

It would come to pass, As Kazuki Minamoto, The Fist of the Minamoto, walked into the nearly empty city. Conversing with 'Kanlin' formerly known as Isabella. Converting and speaking the gospel, so to speak. Aaiting for the hourglass to stop sending sand to the depths of its container so he could effectively kill Amon. Though, he would not be given that opportunity. Calloused internally as he was previously ordered not to even touch the aspiring King... coincidentally... he had shown himself. Calling out the Fist, and attempting to rile him up...

Which worked in the end. As they clashed in front of the people he, Amon, tried to rule. Though frustrated, he would then begin clenching a fist and knocking the man through the wall. Landing them a safe distance away from the others, and with that the Minamoto Clansmen would make quick work of Amon the black haired Verdu didn't even lay a hand on him. Didn't even get close. And with that slamming the man into the ground Kazuki would drag the beaten King before his people. Throwing him at their feet and presenting him as the 'Trash' that the man liked to call others.

Proclaiming that if they were to follow the Teachings of Sun Wukong... They would be spared from the same fate. Once Amon got to his feet, he'd find himself surrendering his body and life to Kazuki, but it as quickly dismissed. A day would come... Kazuki would be able to kill this man, not today. It would be... wonderful. Until then... Kazuki would wallow in the glory of his victory. Unharmed and overmatched against a vastly weaker opponent... The Wukongists had gained much ground. . .Nearly taking over Verdusa completely with their teachings.

~Bass and a Chicken~

-Year 13 - Month 3 - Ramen -

A native to Ramen, Bass, develops a long lasting bond with a chicken. He named it Ruben.


-Years 1 to 13 - Space-

During an interstellar skirmish, a particularly large spaceship was heavily damaged. Drifting through space for several years, the dreadnought had a breached  hull, one that could be easily noticed by any spacefaring species. Some tried to scavenge it and were killed in the process, the inhabitants of the formerly  battle-ready ship still functioning, if only somewhat. Their small ships and supplies were used to patch the huge craft and it continued drifting through space,  until it reached a particular galaxy where it stayed, hidden partially amongst an asteroid belt. Whatever lurked inside of this vessel was mining out the metals  in the asteroids and slowly rebuilding, but the materials amongst outerspace itself were limited in this galaxy and they were depleting it quickly...

Who knows how long it would take for the blasted dreadnought to start its engines again?

~Wu-Kong Clan!~

-Year 16 - Month 1 - Verdusa-

On a day where the residents of Verdusa had already had one peculiar visitor, they'd soon recieve a second, though this one would hit closer to home. A powerful being, covered from head to toe in golden fur, entered the gathering hall with a mighty swing of the large, steel doors.

The being would soon claim himself to be the Ancestor of the modern day warrior race, known to many as Sun Wukong. Met with some understandable skepticism originally, the visitor would soon be able to convince the inhabitants of the planet, by displaying feats of his power. As they spoke, he'd also reveal his reason for setting foot on Vedursa once more.

The ancient being would let it be known it was due to the growing numbers of a cult in his name, though he hadn't divulged much more than that. What were the motives of the monkey king, and was he truly who he professed to be?

~The Rebirth of Dolous~

-Year 16 – Month 5 – Ramen-

It was a peaceful day upon Ramen as it had been in the last century or two, but a bellow came from beneath the surface. As it began to shake violently, it seemed several earthquakes were set off across Ramen, causing several islands to succumb to the violent shaking. There was only panic, as the damage has yet to cease tsunami's laying waste to a few more islands, and it died down seemingly over. If the Gods above were to observe the planet it would seem as if a natural event, but that was yet the case as a Sunai'l stepped out from a cave covered in purple ooze, a Sunai'l once named 'Treble', but now donning a new name 'Banjo', it was basic in a sense easier to say then the new persona he'd gained upon the completion of the ritual to transform him into the prophetic 'Dolous The Destroyer' an ancient god of the Sunai'l race

Approaching the ancestor of 'Ydruer the Creator' of whom resided in his younger brother with intent to kill him. As they're could only be one, and as the prophecy foretold only one another could kill each other. A bout began between the two of which was one-sided, 'Bass' fell within a few seconds under the new power gained by his elder brother, blessing the younger Sunai'l with his life with promises to destroy Ramen and anything else his brother holds dear, hoping that it would give him the drive to fight him with his full power next time. Allowing the younger to leave Ramen, and now the life of Ramen hangs from a cliff side, life upon Ramen is slim to none, and any one left standing shall become part of his clan, ready to enact the prophecy upon anyone and anything.'

~Chance of Redemption~

-Year 16 – Month 8 – Earth-

A faint shimmer of light was seen against the bright background of Earth's sky. A strange vessel, masked in the flames of friction, made its way towards the center of a barren wasteland forgotten by mankind. An explosion rung across the area, the native creatures of the area fleeing for a moment, before finding the curiosity to near the lake that the mostly destroyed Sunai'l vessel landed near. A hiss emanated from the ship, steam of a different atmosphere escaping as a short set of stairs fell towards the ground, facing the crystal clear lake. A green hand slammed against the exit of the ship, purple liquid dripping in large quantities as a painful groan came from inside the ship. The being showed itself, a Sunai'l named Bass had arrived in the sanctuary away from his corrupted brother Treble.

With energy leaving his body, the drained Sunai'l fell down the short flight of stairs, his body slamming against the soft grass that surrounded the oasis, as his limp arm landed across the coast of the lake, his body starting to absorb the nutrients he had been missing in the past few days of travel. Hours passed, the sunlight and water rejuvenating the young Sunai'l, before a voice broke through the silence in Bass's mind. A strange being, blinding in the light of its form, projected itself in front of Bass. Sensing nothing but a warm and powerful essence in front of him, Bass stood and stared in awe. It spoke to him, like a God spoke to a disciple, and told him of amazing things set in Bass's future, his purpose in this world, and a purpose for Bass after his failure to protect his own home planet.

With the help of this strange God, the Sunai'l found himself building a structure in the center of the lake that had saved his life. Through the combination of the Sunai'l's Ki, his planet-like structure, and the omnipotent being's mystical powers, a Lookout was created. Roots the size of tree trunks took hold underneath the lake, a massive base of plant matter erected far past the highest clouds, and bloomed towards the top, and a single building amongst the open space forming as a home for Bass and those he would wish to house. The two stood atop the massive structure, the God proud of the handiwork that he had seemed to have perfected by the time he met Bass. As they spoke one last time of the purpose of Bass, to become the Protector of the planet Earth, the being said his goodbyes. Fading from the bright light that made up his figure, the God seemed to be saying goodbye to more than just the Sunai'l, its body drifting upwards in a breeze of particles, before finding themselves imbuing its own powers into the Lookout itself, granting its set of mystical properties and secrets.

The young and hopeful Bass looked down from the edge of his new home, the voices of thousands starting to flood his head after the God-like being disappeared from his view. He looked to the sky, giving one last thought towards his home planet and his brother Treble, before turning his gaze back to Earth. He would protect this planet as he was destined to, and he wouldn't let anyone come to harm the people or living creatures that were now his responsibility. He simply stepped off the edge of the mystical Lookout, his orange aura exploding around him as he flew off, planning on meeting the beings that he was now entrusted to.

~The Clash of Yrdruer and Dolous~

-Year 31 - Month 0 - Earth-

A dark storm revolved around a single island on the planet Earth. The occasional strike of lighting broke through the deafening winds that were forming in the area, as a dark force continued to grow in power on the surface of the normally peaceful planet. In the center of the twisting black clouds stood a hooded being, an evil Sunai'l who had already laid waste to the planet of Ramen, and had followed a survivor of his plight to Earth. High in the atmosphere of Earth, Bass stood on his Lookout, looking down at the familiar catastrophes that began to plague a section of the planet that he was tasked with protecting. He closed his eyes, sensing out to the cause, as the image of his brother Treble flashed through his mind. In a jolt of power and energy, the Sunai'l's bright orange aura exploded around him as he flew down to the surface, quickly finding himself staring down his brother on an arena of the unoccupied River Hermit Island.

Though Bass attempted to speak to "Banjo" the newly empowered and possessed form of his brother Treble, his pleas went on deaf ears. The two eventually found themselves trading blows, the duo quickly finding out which of them was more powerful. . . Bass had found new purpose on Earth, and was to protect the planet at all costs. With his training after the defeat at the hands of his brother on Ramen, he was now much more powerful than the avatar of Dolous the Destroyer, the powers of Ydruer the Creator now fully showing themselves inside Bass throughout the fight. The fight ended with Banjo is a pool of his own darkened blood, the saddened Bass looking over his brother and thinking on what to do.

The two disappeared from the battlefield, the Protector of Earth unable to find it in him to kill his own brother. In a room deep within the mystical Lookout, Banjo was held by the organic matter of the tower, keeping his powers at bay and leaving Banjo powerless inside the home of Bass. Bass would find a way to purify his brother and redeem him for what had happened to Ramen, one way or another.


-Year 68 – Month 11 – Verdusa-

Twin Suns beat down mercilessly, their unrelenting gaze locked firmly on the decrepit wastes of Verdusa. Proud and solid they stand – the protector and the destroyer, unmoving in duty. For millennium untold they have been her sentinels, watching peerlessly as she endlessly rotates around them.

On the largest of the two, said to be the creation of Sun Wukong's malcontent when his people rose against him, a small ripple of energy bursts from the molten surface. A flare of power, tearing hungrily into the vast emptiness beyond. It illuminates endless space as it hurtles towards Verdusa, the rage of Sun Wukong itself embedded within. Once more his children had failed him.

This would be his final act.

As it nears the dusty red planet, a small molten meteorite jettisons from within the center of the flare. Soon after the blinding heavy glow diminishes, fading once again into nothing – devoured by the ravenous vacuum surrounding it. The small rock carries on hurtling towards the surface.


With thunderous punctuation Wukong's judgement boisterously collides with rock, shattering the land around it. The air thickens and hisses wildly from the heat of the objects descent, steam adding to Verdusa's already humid, heavy air.

The rock crumbles away feebly, revealing a glass sphere in it's depths. Encased lovingly within, a muscular Verdu awaits in stasis. Golden fur riddles his thick-set tanned body, a brown knotted Mohawk handing loosely on his head. His eyes flicker open, a deep burning ember revealing itself. In a motionless burst of power, the glass orb shatters, and the young man steps forth.

The Will, the Mind and the Fist had all failed Sun Wukong; he was extremely displeased. Still his children denied him, and the Heaven's stood intact. Now his final punishment was upon the realms. All shall be engulfed by his fury, devoured by flames.

For the Rage of Sun Wukong had arrived.

~Prelude to War~

-Year 75 – Month 8 – Verdusa-

In the capital of Verdusa, hidden behind locked doors, two warriors partake in a fated encounter. Kazuki Minamoto had returned to the holy land, after years of travelling and spiritual growth. The death of his siblings left him as the sole leader of the Cult of Wukong – and he therefore had taken it upon himself to claims of being the true Prophet; he was now the Mind, the Fist and the Will. However these claims were shortly contested by another claiming to be a forth aspect of Sun Wukong:

Sehun Wuh'Kong – The Rage of Sun Wukong.

Having stumbled upon the so called 'Rage', the two believer meet face to face. The young boy who claimed to be borne of the Second Sun's angst stood cloaked head to toe, his face encased in a terrifying primal mask. With a quick flick of his scouter, Kazuki soon stumbled upon an unbelievable truth – Sehun's reported birth battle power was over twelve thousand! Surely it had to be an error in the records . . .

After a heated philosophical debate and venomous quips exchanged between the two men, both declared the other false prophets – Kazuki for taking it upon himself change the tenants of the creed to suit his own personal circumstance, and Sehun for claiming a title which Kazuki believed to be fictitious.

For Sehun claimed to be sent by Sun Wukong to cleanse the heresy that gripped the lands, by extinguishing all by righteous flame. Leaving with a bitter taste in his mouth, Kazuki declared the second holy war of Verdusa begun.

Once more, death and destruction came knocking at Verdusa's door. Who's claims were truth, if any? Was Sehun really born of the Second Sun itself? Can Kazuki once more lay waste to those who oppose him? Or will this next battle be his last? Both claim divine right. Both seek to force their own twisted ideals of order and purpose upon the galaxy. Kazuki through control, and Sehun through destruction.

Only time would tell how these new developments would come to unfold.

~The True Face of Rage~

-Year 89 - Month 10 – Verdusa-

For almost 15 years war had been waged on Verdusa, both sides sustaining heavy casualties – two warring factions of the same religion being at each others throats. Finally, Sehun appeared before Kazuki, and it seemed an old score would be settled. After another anger fuelled debate much like last time, the two begin to duke it out, finally coming to blows. Although Kazuki possessed a significantly higher battle power, the two seemed to be on a pretty even playing field for the most part. Sehun was merely toying with him, treating the encounter as a twisted game.

Before long however, the elder Verdu began to gain the upper hand. After shattering Sehun's mask in two, and proclaiming himself the second coming of Wukong, Sehun lost his cool and unleashed his true power. Flames engulfed the entirety of his body as the gift of power consumed him, transforming it beyond anything witnessed in recent history. He ascended to heights beyond comprehension; and for a moment Kazuki found himself cowering and at a loss.

At this moment Kuran arrived to see this new unbelievable state, and insulted the Ascended Verdu out of sheer ignorance. However before the two could engage in what was sure to be a life ending duel, Kazuki had a stroke of genius – He preprogrammed his Space Pod to transport Sehun to the far off planet known as Sylpher. Trapping him in there, it instantly blast off, and consumed by his rage, Sehun destroyed the console. It seemed for now the Verdu were safe, and would have time to train . . .

The same could not be said for Sylpher. Upon entering the planets atmosphere, power engulfs Sehun once more. Another sphere of energy swells out from his body, encasing his flaming body erratically. It pulsated a lot more widely than before; his power was rising, over flowing, as was his rage. Tricked by that disgusting false prophet! With an anguished howl, the chi mounting around him explodes into a thousand tiny spheres, that tear across the skies of Sylpher, exploding against anything unfortunate enough to be in their path. Unlike last time however, he keeps pumping out more and more, until he drains his almost limitless energy. Before long his transformation would subside, at the cost of the planets structure . . . all around him stood unhindered destruction. Chaos.

The pod that had trapped him explodes as they tear through its hull, damaging his only way back beyond repair. In his rage, he had trapped himself. But there would come a time when his righteous judgement would reign upon the Verdu once more.

Next time, there would be no escape for them.

Now the only obstacle in Kazuki's way would be Sehun himself, for all other opposition on Verdusa had been defeated. Kazuki and his band of comrades now had an opportunity to train, to catch up. Hopefully their preparation would be enough.


-Year 102 - Month 9 - Sylpher-

Sehun slowly steps forward, panting heavily. Bile and blood fused with the constant drooling, a few of his crooked teeth having fallen out during their bout. One of his ceaselessly spinning eyes had become swollen as the skin around it burst open, and several of his ribs crunched unforgiving with each hulking step.

He had won. Barely.

Placing a foot solidly on Kazuki's chest, he grins wildly. His whole face had twisted beyond recognition , his once handsome tanned face swollen and disfigured – distorted by the influence of his own insanity and that of the malevolent assistance that had tainted him further. The purple flames that engulfed his fur and body lap hungrily towards the Heaven's, as the clouds around them bunch together and blacken a darker shade than his own soul.

He had won.

It had been inevitable. It had been written in the stars. He was borne of the Second Sun – he was the embodiment of Sun Wukong's rage. Yet still, after all this time, it felt unbelievable that finally he had reached his crowning moment. The hour of reckoning was upon them all.

He had won.

The purple flames dancing erratically around Sehun grow larger and larger, his ceaseless power expanding beyond heights unknown. They twist and morph, encasing his every inch as his power reaches a point beyond containment. The flames that that had been his armour, his weapon, his soul. They become the epicentre of something much more sinister.

Jets of molten rock shoot up from the planets hidden core, tearing through the clouds that surrounded them. Already the planet had seen far too much mayhem, being a shattered ghost of it's former self. But it wouldn't stop here – this was only the beginning. Every inch of the planet begins to violently rattle as wave upon wave of raw, unmoderated energy floods Sehun's every pore. The flames warp into a glowing purple ball, a sphere around himself and Kazuki. It throbs, rhythmically, growing larger every passing second. Yet still more power comes to him.

Until finally . . . Breaking point.


Wave upon infinite wave tear forth from within him, punishing flames tearing out of his shell of a body on a galactic scale. His body rattles violently as his cells burst. Muscles boil and pop, bones crunch and splinter. White hot pain sears him for what feels like an eternity. As his whole body decays, once defining feature remains to the bitter end: His twist, bloody, toothless sneer, overwhelmed with glee. Beams of blinding light tear through his skin, devouring his physical form. And with that Sehun ceased to be.

Planets become instantly over run; people, animals, plants turned to ash. Sea's evaporate without a trace. Barren shells remain of what were once planets, scorched to the very core. For a single, sparkling moment, the universe is filled with a light like no other . . .

All that proceeded was silence. Nothingness. Everything, erased in an instant. It mattered not.

For he had won.

Wipe Ended.
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PostSubject: Re: Awakening Story Logs Wipe #2   Awakening Story Logs Wipe #2 I_icon_minitimeMon Jun 08, 2015 11:36 pm

The Cult of Sun Wukong

Wukongist -

Followers believe they are the true sons/daughters of Wukong, being enlightened by his teachings. All none believers simply need forced enlightenment. The teachings of Sun Wukong is the true source of morality, and all societies that reject it will live in debauchery and suffering. To bring these societies to the knowledge of Wukong is to liberate them from their own self-inflicted torment. Any and all races can be converted once they have been educated and basked in the light of Wukong, however Only those of Verdu blood are considered the true heirs to his will. Their bible is called The Tapestry of Twin Suns – named such after the twin suns of Verdusa. It I believed there was only a single Sun until Wukongs death, at which point he ascended to watch over his people, illuminating it brightly. (more on this back story later). The wish to enlighten all their brethren and the children of the Universe, through whatever means the deem necessary. Those that would reject the teachings of Sun Wukong are known as the abandoned, and as such deserve a swift death for their heinous treason. Through Enlightenment and faith in the teachings of Wukong, they wish to use their influence and power to attain a state of true wisdom, and elevate themselves to Godhood. They would give each and every follower purpose, to create their own idea of stability and order. They're seen as morally ambiguous to outsiders, as they can often turn violent and deadly if they believe it is what is required to spread their teachings – even though they see themselves as pure.

Cult Hierarchy -

Leadership of the Cult is split into three: Wukong's Will, Wukong's Fist and Wukong's Mind. This triumvirate together form the perfect trinity, the three separate beings creating a whole.

Wukong's Will, also known as the Prophet, is one bless by the suns, influenced by the Will of Wukong themselves. They are often said to be somewhat deranged – after being touched by Wukong they encompass both his kindness and his rage, their very soul twisting. The Fist and the Mind both serve to protect the Will, from the world around him and themselves. It is said that once true enlightenment has been reached, the Prophet will become the Avatar of Wukong himself, and the closer his teachings are followed the closer the Will comes to Godhood.

Wukong's Fist, also known as the Guardian, is the military might within the Cult. They are said to possess the strength and fortitude of a thousand Avatar State Verdu – and thus are known as the shield protecting the Will. It is their choice whether they act as a simple Guardian for the Prophet, or take it a step further and train the Enlightened to become warriors of faith.

Wukong's Mind, also known as the Scholar, is the keeper of lore and teacher of the Way of Wukong. They know The Scriptures of The Twin Suns like the bak of their hand, having spent vast amount of time studying its texts. They are the teacher, as it is said Sun Wukong has implanted his knowledge in them, and entrusted them with spreading his teachings. They are often the only one of the trio who possess the knowledge and wisdom needed to spread their faith, and ensure the converted truly understand the teachings of Wukong.

History -

Sun Wukong was said to be the Monkey King, his might likened to stone itself. He is the progenitor of the modern day Verdu Race, and it is believed that all of Verdu kind originate in him. He was said to be twelve foot tall and almost as wide, with Golden fur that covered him head to toe, but the face of a humanoid instead of that of an apes – for his peers appeared so. From an early age he was set for greatness. His peers, the other monkeys, spent their days battling, feasting, drinking, under his rule. His Empire spread across the globe, and all knew his name, and lowered their head in reverence. Order was kept, each monkey had its job to perform, its place in society, and as night fell they would celebrate in his honour for the enlightenment he had brought onto them. He gave them purpose, and utopia was born.

It is also said in this time that he had a pole crafted by the greatest of magic's, which he named Ruyi Jingu Bang, or “The Compliant Golden-Hooped Rod “ more literally. It was a staff that shifted to the will of Wukong, and shrunk or grew, extended or withdrew as he pleased. With this his might could be exercised all over the globe, and fused with the awesome power he possessed already, none dared oppose him.

And for One Thousand years, Wukong lead his people. And his children, and his children's children, began to populate the planet. And for a time all seemed right in the world. Verdusa at this time consisted of lush greenery. Grassy plains littered the globe, tree bore sweet fruit, and all was provided for them. This paradise however, would beckon the Verdu's descent from glory.

Wukong grew saddened as the years past – his descendants became indifferent to his teachings, and turned away from his rule. After generations of breeding, the Verdu had become less like their leader, and assumed a more humanoid shape; their power dwindled as a result. He grew distant as they disavowed his teachings, and his empire began to crumble. In a last ditch attempt he blessed the moon with his power, causing a full moon to forcefully transform his children into a state much like his own – fur ridden giants would be born when its light shone brightest, the Verdu becoming giant apes; this would later be dubbed their avatar state. He meant it to serve as a reminder of what they truly were, and where they came from. Instead they abused the power granted, and began down a path of rampant destruction. For they believed themselves better than their lord and saviour, and believed the old ways shackled them.

Sun Wukong became vengeful as his Empire crumbled around him. His kin had turned against him, and began to war amongst themselves. He had given them purpose, shown them the path to light, and instead they battled one another, murdered one another. Several of his children began to vie for control themselves. And thus the age of glory came to an end.

His body had weakened severely as the years past by, yet he still held the power of a God within him. In a blind rage, he changed his blessing of transformation to a curse – Only those of the purest of Verdu blood would be able to control their avatar state, and even they would struggle – Each time the Verdu transformed they would become beasts, loosing themselves to primal instinct. But his punishment was not through – Using the last of his strength he ascended to the heavens, and took his place next to Verdusa's Sun. With a massive eruption of power his very being exploded, and his essence became a second sun himself. The world and the people he once loved would forever face drought and famine from this point onwards, until they learnt to repent their wickedness and once more bowed to his glory. Under the heat of two suns constantly beating down on Verdusa, it shrivelled and died; lush beautiful plains turned to hardest rock, trees withered and died, the land cracked as all moisture was sucked from the land. And Sun Wukong's curse would forever haunt his children, as he mercilessly watched from the Heavens and punished those whom had betrayed his teachings.

Random Quotes/Teachings from The Tapestry of Twin Suns -

Struggle is an illusion. The tide rises, the tide falls, but the sea is changeless. There is nothing to struggle against. Victory is in the will of Sun Wukong.

Doubt is the path one walks to reach faith. To leave the path is to embrace blindness and abandon hope. All that awaits is the coldness of death.

Existence is a choice. There is no chaos in the world, only complexity. Knowledge of the complex is wisdom. From wisdom of the world comes wisdom of the self. Mastery of the self is mastery of the world. Loss of the self is the source of suffering. Suffering is a choice, and we can refuse it. It is in our power to create the world, or destroy it.

If you love purpose, fall into the tide. Let it carry you.
Do not fear the dark. The sun and the stars will return to guide you.
You have seen the greatest kings build monuments for their glory
Only to have them crumble and fade.
How much greater is the world than their glory?
The purpose of the world renews itself with each season. Each change only marks
A part of the greater whole.
The sea and the sky themselves:
Nothing special. Only pieces.

To the faithful fear is an illusion; there is no darkness my will can not vanquish. No mountain stands too tall, no wind breath too heavy – For under my Guidance, my Children prosper. To the faithless, fear is absolute. In turning away from liberation, you seal your own fate; those who reject me shall be abandoned in turn.

I am enlightened as I have mastered the three necessities of perfect balance; Mind, Body and Soul. Only once you wield knowledge beyond any library; Spirit above any man; Strength of the stone itself, can you truly understand your purpose."

Romanticised Poem of Wukongs birth:

All things are born from the Three positives;
The magic stone was quick with the essence of the sun and moon.
An egg was turning into a monkey to complete the Great Way;
He was lent a name so that the elixir would be complete.
Looking inside he perceives nothing because it has no form,
Outside he uses his intelligence to create visible things.
Men have always been like this:
Those who are called kings and sages do just as they wish.

Mayuki Minamoto says: Millenia ago, we Verdu were more akin to our Avatar state in appearance, albeit smaller in form. It is said our Ancestors were humanoid in shape, with fur head to toe. It was typical for their height to range between six foot at their smallest, ranging up to ten or even eleven in rare cases. At the time Verdusa was a beauty to behold - lush greenery and life flourished on its plains.
Mayuki Minamoto says: On the highest mountain, secluded from the world and close to the heavens, there stood a large pillar. It is said that above it, a stone perched atop - a stone infused with the life of the monkies.
Mayuki Minamoto says: It is said the Heavens breathed on the stone, bestowing form upon it. The essence of gods themselves poured into; and so Wukong came into being. There is a poem that tells us so:
Mayuki Minamoto says: And so Sun Wukong came to be - The first Verdu. Stone turned to flesh, and golden fur riddled his every inch. He stood at a collosal 12 feet, and unlike his brethren, he had a face formed much like our own. Upon descending his mountain, he met with the others, and in there awe they proclaimed him a God. And so the stone made being lived among those who called him their savour, and he learnt to live as one of them. For a time he was happy, as for a time he was King. But eventually he grew saddened, for he knew not what the future would hold for his people, but he knew one day death would be upon them.
Mayuki Minamoto says: Gathering his kin together, Sun Wukong promised immortality to his peers, and paradise for endless ages. He told them of his origins, of the Gods from which he was born. The Gods, whom selfishly guarded their immortality. These greater Deities, as he named them, held the key to their uplifting.
Mayuki Minamoto says: And so the newly formed Verdu banded together under the promise of eternal life, and built a tower so grand it spiralled to the very Heaven's themselves. But the Verdu were too scared to raid the homes of the Gods. As their fearless leader, Sun Wukong would assault the Heavens alone. And so the long war against the Gods began.
Mayuki Minamoto says: For a period of time there is no accounts of what transpired in the realm of the immortals; for there was no one to recount the tale apart from Wukong himself, and he remained tight lipped on his years spent there.
Mayuki Minamoto says: What is known is his conquest failed, and he returned without spoils.
Mayuki Minamoto says: But he still ventured where no other had dared - his time there had extended both his life and his power drastically. He was still their King; their saviour.

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