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 Journey to the West: Awakening Rules

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Journey to the West: Awakening Rules Empty
PostSubject: Journey to the West: Awakening Rules   Journey to the West: Awakening Rules I_icon_minitimeSun Mar 22, 2015 8:00 pm

The Rules:

1) Respect other players, this obviously includes admins aswell.(examples are no excessive profanity, racism, sexism, or any other form of discrimination or any other form of behavior that can be considered offensive) no form of sexual content or cybering is allowed either. romantic interludes can be 'timewarped' ahead to avoid the naughty bits.

2) Do not exploit bugs or glitches to benefit or detriment.

3) This is a role-playing game. OOC and IC are to be separate, this means that metagaming (rping knowing something that your character would not know) is also against the rules, nor are you allowed to spam in any channel belonging to either.

4) No building around (NPC) spawns or screw up racial spawns. Be sure to repair damage caused to spawn areas unless the damage is roleplayed. If you break a wall, repair it with tiles matching the ones around it. Slapping in a security wall and upgrading it to max isn't the way it should be, 'just because it's easier'.

5) Advertising is a bannable offense, if your caught your out of here.

6)Nothing you do as a player is ooc, if you are training and someone suddenly attacks you then icly you were training before being attacked, if you are near a fight and want to jump in but were training beforehand, again the training was IC as is the exhaustion. Every verb you use as a player is IC so RP it when you can especially so if it involves others. Be sure to rp any and all transformations at all times, aswell as the development and training of ranked skills like kaioken and final flash every thirty minutes of use before you start doing so.

7) You cannot leave Heaven or Hell without having a body or being led by a Lesser or Greater Deity, if you are seen in the checkpoint after being judged and you do not have your body you will be returned to your designated area. If this issue continues punishment may be required.

Cool Creating Punching bags are IC and always needs to be rp'd, furthermore keep in mind only three are allowed to be made for your own character, the rest are for students.

9) If you hold a rank you must be active on it. Ranks who avoid RP or are constantly afk will be stripped and DNR'd (Do Not Rank), quitting a rank without proper IC measures and assuring a replacement icly will result in being DNR'd aswell

10) No alt interaction under any circumstances. This includes being in the same screen, building or general vicinity

11) No spacepods till year 15, no gravity devices till year 25, cloners are not allowed to be constructed at all.

12) Barrage is to be trained against the edge of the map. It is a multi-tile attack and is both destructive to turf and dangerous to other players. Just because there are no other players nearby does not mean that they will not log in, walk in, or otherwise arrive in the line of fire. If you are caught you will be booted on the first offense, nerfed on the second, and banned should the problem continue.

13) EZing or the use of any form of third party on your character is against the rules, when you are caught you will be dealt with.

14) Reincarnation, Unlocking Potential, Upgrading androids/cyborgs, creating cyborgs, using Virus/Infection and achieving transformations like Super Verdu all require admin permission, seek out an admin before hand and get their permission before actualy rping it.

15.) Mixing buffs together is not allowed. For example, Body Expand with Surge, or Chaotic Power. ICly the strain on your body from such things would kill you. The only exceptions to this rule are Exalt and Aether.

16) Promo has to hate Human Dominant Verdu Halfies.

17) Spacepods on the android space station are for androids only, if you get caught with one we'll have no choice but to assume you used it and died in space.

18) The maximum you can power up to during a fight is 200% (the verb won't allow higher either)

Combat rules:

Rpfight is to be on at all times during a fight.

All attacks need to be rp'd unless all involved parties agreed to verb it out

Killing a player always requires a kill rp of a decent length and quality even if all parties involved decide to verb the fight out, the target gets a chance to do a 'death rp' if they want to, even if their character is ko'd.

Even if all parties involved agree to verb, an opening rp is still required from each of them. In this rp the goal their character has in the fight should be hinted at or described, this includes any killing or mutilation intent.

A fight gets split into 'turns' and 'rounds'

Each party involved in the fight gets one turn to take an action per round (reaction rp's without taking an action, rping being beat up and getting thrown through a wall for example, can be rp'd as many times as required)

Using a buff skill, transforming, charging a ki attack or using an item count as an action and cost you your turn. (The only exceptions are scouters and faction badges, these do not require a turn to use)

A turn can consist out of a maximum of three melee attacks, three basic or barrage ki attacks or an action like an item, skill, transformation or fleeing etc.

Alternatively a player can spend their turn resting, this gives them the right to use advance turn one additional time during their turn to recover some extra health and energy.

Once all players involved in the fight have had their turn the round ends and all players advance turn.

The order in which characters take turns during a fight has to be settled among the players themselves, it is considered proper etiquete to let the player that took their turn last in the previous round start the next one.

There is an indefinite amount of reaction time in a rpfight.

Ki combat rules

All ki attacks apart from basic and barrage need to rp being charged seperately. blasters need to rp charging seperately aswell.

Megaburst is unstoppable/dodgeable after it spent a turn charging.

Shield is allowed to be rp'd in a response to a ki attack to block/dodge/minimise damage from said attack and does not require a turn to charge.

Beam attacks are to be 'stopped' after the head of the beam connects with the target, this includes people jumping infront of the beam attack.

Blasters can only be fired once per turn.

Barrage and basic can be fired three times in one rp, all other ki attacks can only be used once per rp.

Homing Finisher requires three turns to prepare; the first turn to charge ki, the second to spread the spheres and the last to fire them off towards the target.

Ki attacks can only be dodged under the following circumstances: The dodge rp gets prepared in the same turn as the ki attack is getting charged or if the ki charge gets interrupted by an attack (if the charger gets pushed more then 2 squares by an attack and sustains 15% damage in case of melee, or 25% damage without any knockback for ki).

An interruption rp can consist of only one attack, the attack can be either melee or ki.

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Journey to the West: Awakening Rules
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