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 The Races of the West

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PostSubject: The Races of the West   The Races of the West I_icon_minitimeSun Mar 22, 2015 8:53 pm

The Verdu of planet Verdusa:

Descendants of Sun Wukong, the legendary Monkey King. The Verdu have lost many of the divine abilities Sun Wukong possessed over the eons, and even their origin may no longer be known to them. They do, however, still possess many aspects of the Monkey King. The Verdu relish in combat and love a challenging fight above all else; during the full moon, they can channel the power within their blood and take on the form of their ancestor’s avatar.

In this transformed state, the Verdu turn into gigantic apes, the smallest of which stands roughly as tall as a mountain. Verdu are born without fur and look completely humanoid; the only thing suggesting their divine heritage is the monkey tail each Verdu is born with. This tail, in turn, is essential for turning into their avatar form, and losing one’s tail is considered to be one of the greatest disgraces a Verdu can receive.

Verdu society separates Verdu into three different classes via a caste system; in order from the highest to lowest, they are as follows: Pureblood Verdu, Initiated Verdu, and Aspiring Verdu. A Verdu that becomes particularly powerful can unlock the secret powers that dwell within their ancient bloodline. However, such Verdu are considered to be a thing of legend; no evidence of one exists or has been discovered.

Half Verdu:

Descendants from Verdu warriors, these beings have both Human and Verdu parents and can identify themselves as either or both. They have the power of the Verdu race and the well-roundedness of Humans. Their place in Verdu sociey depends almost entirely on what the standing of their Verdu parent though Half Verdu's will always have more to prove then other Verdu. Half Verdu come in two different flavors, Human dominant and Verdu dominant Half Verdu. Half Verdu retain their Verdu parents ability to transform into Sun Wukongs avatar state though they generaly struggle to keep the power in check without practise.

Quarter Verdu:

The offspring of a Halfbreed Verdu and a Human. As the Verdu bloodline is washed out by the abundance of human genetics, many traits of their Wukong heritage become muted. Quarter Verdu are very nearly human in every aspect. They do not possess the tails of their full-blooded Verdu ancestor, and due to the distance in their bloodline connection to Sun Wukong, they do not possess the ability to enter the avatar state.

Instead, it appears they are a blend of the best traits from each race; an overpowering affinity for power, an abundance of natural ability, and access to the skill and definition of their Human dominant genetics. Though they do not have access to the secrets of the Verdu connection to Wukong, they are born with a natural ability that can catch up to their full-blooded relatives on both fronts.

The Sunai'l of planet Ramen:

Sunai'l are a peace-loving, plant-like race that sustain themselves solely on water and oxygen. Due to their natural affinity for the flow of energy, a Sunai'l can start with the ability to fire basic Ki blasts, the ability to control their power, or the ability to fly. Sunai'l develop the ability to use the Splitform technique over time, as well as developing a way to expand their bodies to giant sizes, heal wounds through their unique Ki manipulation, and materialize weighted training clothes. Some especially gifted ones even develop a special technique that allows them to fuse with other Sunai'l, creating a far stronger entity. Sunai'l are about as strong as an Aspiring Verdu.

The Warlords of Cryos, Shimo Henko:

The Shimo Henko hail from a frozen, barren world. They are a diverse race of unique creatures that possess one or several transformations to greatly increase their power beyond that of their base form. All Shimo Henko consider themselves rulers to some degree and given the chance they’d conquer worlds and enslave races without any trace of remorse.  Shimo Henko are split into three different types, the so called Royals, Tyrants and Emperor types. Each type has its own strengths and weaknesses.

Earths aspiring heroes, Humans:

Humans are the denizens of Earth! They come in all shapes and sizes, colors and backgrounds. A young race in the universe, they are known mostly for being able to carve out a space for themselves, no matter the circumstances. They have one of the lowest starting powers of all races, finding it extremely hard to gain it, as well. They are also known for being notoriously hard to train, being that they start out naturally weak. With a lot of determination and the right technique, these beings can become some of the strongest in the galaxy.

The rates at which they improve their skills in combat are quite easily some of the best, being relatively high all around. This makes their frail starting nature all the more satisfying to overcome. Assortments of Ki moves are available for them. They take a while to get the hang of using Ki techniques, but once they begin to master the ability, they are known for mastering these techniques quickly! Humans are also pretty close to being on par with Saifu in terms of tech, being just slightly behind.

Humans that work their entire lives to overcome their inherent weaknesses are fabled to be able to "Ascend," reaching a higher state of consciousness that grants them power to break the bonds on their power level completely. This transformation is named aptly; it is one of the most impressive in the game, making Humans the race to be End-Wipe.

Bonus:“Third Eye Chakra" is also available for some lucky few Humans to develop, giving the bearer of the mark access to keener senses as well as giving a permanent boost to Battle Power and stats.

Unity in Variety, Fae:

The denizens of the Plains, Sand, and Jungle Planets. The Fae are so widely differed that it would be impossible to properly designate them. The Fae race as a whole holds thousands of combinations that each hold power over different aspects of nature, depending on their elemental affinity. This is probably the most diverse race the universe has to offer. Fae randomly learn five of ten unique skills over their lifetime and receive random modifiers upon creation; if you like to take a gamble, this is the race for you.

Genius incarnate, the Saifu:

Considered the most intelligent race, Saifu boast the highest affinity for technology, inventing and discovering new breakthroughs much faster than other races. Considered docile, these beings aren’t usually considered fighters or Ki users, and they often rely heavily on their high technological abilities to fend off threats. However, with enough training, this race can become quite strong. Their physical abilities are just slightly less tuned than a Human’s. Saifu are the most likely to create technological miracles (mistakes) like the Virus/Infection/Mutation, Cyborgs, and Synthetic Life.

Mechanical Terror, Androids:

These beings are total machine, being constructed by an unknown Artificial Intelligence in the depths of space. Androids have high natural battle power sources, allowing them to gain power quickly if trained correctly. Their main drawback is their physical regeneration. As pure machines, their bodies repair much more slowly than other beings, needing to perform manual repairs on systems or limbs that are damaged.

A unique ability they have is to carry on standing even when their health reaches 0%, not being instantly knocked out. When a normal living creature would be crippled by pain, an Android can continue to operate until its systems simply cannot continue to function without repairs.

Energy incarnate, Energy Spirits:

As beings all around the universe unlocked the ability to harness their inner power and use it to create powerful attacks and techniques, an abundance of Ki energy became latent and free-flowing. Sometimes, these powers collect and take root in everyday objects such as dolls, mannequins, marionettes, and action figures. Bodies without souls most often make suitable vessels for such energies to reside.

These little beings are quite like Humans, yet much more mystically aligned. As a result of their compositions, their skill with Ki energy is much more potent than Humans. They find Ki much easier to master, picking up on techniques much faster. Their main drawback is their frail bodies. Being energy, or a spirit housed within a lifeless shell, makes their forms less strong and more prone to physical damage.

Without strenuous training, their spiritual forms will not be strong enough to protect their external vessel. Energy Spirits are powerful energy users, but they possess the lowest of all battle powers.

The Forces of the Afterlife:

The Lesser Deities:

The driving force behind the Afterlife. The Lesser Deities keep Heaven and Hell running properly. Lesser Deities can be both good and evil, though they never change their initial alignment, and they are the very embodiment of what they represent. Lesser Deities often enlist the services of the races that inhabit Heaven and Hell, be it to exterminate some great wrong in the world or to steal souls for their side. The Lesser Deities work for the Greater Deities, the absolute rulers of the Afterlife.

The skills that Lesser Deities can learn depend on their alignment. Daemonic ones might learn how to augment their own power to greater heights to slay their enemies or deceive the beings of the living realm, while the Divine ones can learn such things as healing, creating weights, or even tapping into the raw mystical powers granted by the Greater Deities.


Beings of purity created by the Divine Lesser Deities. These creatures, or people, are thought to be the offspring of a Divine Lesser Deity, and they possess physical strength and endurance that few other races in the universe can ever hope to attain. They aren’t as good with Ki energies as others, but their Herculean physique compensates for this quite a lot. They have long lifespans and are generally proud of their heritage, provided they’re aware of it. Oftentimes, Demigods are the custodians of the Afterlife, taking care of the grounds in Heaven or the space between Heaven and Hell.

Demi Daemons:

The mutated offspring of the Evil Lesser Deities. Cast out of the Afterlife to a small comet, these beings have now migrated across the galaxy. They possess the strengths of their demonic parents, and they often boast some of the most impressive physiques in the living realm. They are average in terms of natural power and somewhat unremarkable in terms of skill.

Demi-Daemons make up for this by being notoriously strong and hardy. They naturally learn the ability to expand their muscles, taking on a monstrous new form when they do. Demi-Daemons also learn the ability to “Summon” Demons, allowing them to contract their afterlife ancestors into working in the living realm… under their command.

Daemonspawn Verdu:

Daemonspawn Verdu are descendants of Sun Wukong, much like the Verdu, and share many characteristics with them. Daemonspawn Verdu, however have been exposed to and corrupted by the infernal energies of Hell and the Daemonic Lesser Deities that dwell there. Daemonspawn Verdu are far more aggressive then even their normal Verdu cousins, and they have a hard time taking orders from any entity.

They do, however, realize that they are in the presence of gods and have little choice but to obey them… for now. Daemonspawn Verdu have lost the ability to call upon the avatar state of their great ancestor due to the corruptions of Hell, and while their secret potential to go Super Verdu is still present, the form has been heavily corrupted and twisted as well.


Rare races are unique, generaly one in a wipe species that generaly play out the role of major villain. They only get unlocked on occasions where one is deemed needed and only get offered to players that have proven themselves competent in the past and that have applied for it on the forums.

Legendary Power, the Ascended Verdu:

The Ascended Verdu are the highest-ranked members of Verdu society. They are born the strongest of their kind, and their nearly perfect connection to their ancestor allows them to have full control of their avatar state right off the bat. Ascended Verdu are so rare that they have become all but legend – ancient stories tell of only a single Ascended Verdu being born once every thousand years!

Ascended Verdu are extremely powerful and tend to let their overwhelming strength drive their every decision. It leads to their demeanor being chaotic or, often, evil. They are powerful enough to do or say anything they please, with not a soul to stand in their way. They see all other Verdu as lesser beings, often treating them as garbage or worse. Ascended Verdu are so closely connected to their bloodline that very little is required to make them snap. The secrets of the Verdu bloodline are usually a bad day away from being unleashed!

Eon long burden, Ancient Sunai'ls:

Ancient Sunai'l are a race of older mutated Sunai'l that have a genetic disposition toward evil. They are very much like their common counterparts in terms of ability and appearance, capable of learning the same techniques and mastering the same powers, but with the twisted addition of being able to absorb the essence of evil directly from any living being to make themselves more powerful! The side effect, of course, is death for their unfortunate target. While they are slightly less talented with Ki than their modern relatives, Ancient Sunai'l tend to boast a more powerful physique. Ancient Sunai'l tend to start out as strong as, or stronger, than a Pureblood Verdu.

Science gone to far, Genetic Androids:

A biological android created by a true genius, artificial or otherwise. This race is one of the powerful “rare” races; they can absorb living creatures to gain power, and they can transform into what they consider a “perfect” form. In order to transform, however, they need to absorb cyborgs; in doing so, they will achieve their next form and gain tremendous power.

The unstoppable force, Djiin:

A mystical creature, completely unpredictable and extremely powerful, there's no telling what a Djiin* is like or what they'll do, though it usually ends up quite destructive. Djiin* have an extremely high power to begin with, and they gain it incredibly fast. Djiin* possess an uncanny ability to regenerate – if even a single molecule remains, the Djiin* can easily regenerate its form completely, as if it had never been harmed in the first place.

Djiin are gluttonous and delight in smothering and consuming any being unfortunate enough to get on their bad side, which happens to be nearly any side. Oftentimes, the Djiin* will resort to sinister methods of entertainment, playing with their 'food' by transforming it into varying types of edibles with a flash of Ki unique to Djiin.

Rulers of the Afterlife, Greater Deities:

The Ancients, the Wise Ones, the First, and the Architects… these are all names used to describe the beings that rule over both Heaven and Hell. They are the first race to explore the universe and Afterlife, the ones that set up the rules of balance and how their descendants, the Divine and Daemonic Lesser Deities, are running things. There are many ancient beings that tend to the very fabric of the universe.

Some are living, breathing creatures, as old as time itself. Others are but wisps that watch and wait, oftentimes seeming to vanish for ages at a time. The history of the Greater Deity remains shrouded in mist, and every so often, one surfaces to see the effects their kind has caused so many eons ago.
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The Races of the West
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