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 Leadership Rank Suggestions

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PostSubject: Leadership Rank Suggestions   Leadership Rank Suggestions I_icon_minitimeSun May 10, 2015 10:12 pm

So, I noticed that some of the leadership ranks in the living realm are pretty lackluster. I decided I'd think on some additional abilities for them.

Android Commander:
Supposedly, this was supposed to be a bounty hunting rank and was converted to a leadership one. While Track and Snare are nice, they don't exactly give -any- Android incentive to do anything for the Commander without using force.

1. Android Ship-specific upgrades.
Used to reward particular Androids that have served the Android Commander's goals.  Such upgrades could include an extendable handblade, which could add a small damage over time effect to simulate bleeding or flat out buff your melee damage done a little, as well as a focus lens that increases force-based damage from attacks such as arm laser or beams but also increases their drain due to hyperconcentrating the energy. These shouldn't be items, but verbs used to toggle the ability on and off.

Maybe add a chip that gives a Mechanical Will ability that buffs BP by 75% or so and can stack with Power Control, but places the target Android under mind control of sorts that can only be removed by techies with sufficient skill (100+?). However, make the handblade and lens mutually incompatible. You get one or the other, but can gain the control chip regardless.

2. Android training devices.
This could be an alternative to the first two upgrades, but seriously, give the Commander something like punching bag construction or, better yet, Android-specific weights. You could call them knowledge chips and they could function by streaming data into the Android to teach them proper technique as they spar/train, thus increasing their gains in the same fashion as weights, but they never stop being effective (or they could stop giving gains after one real life hour or something similar). If you code in something like knowledge chips, please put a block on Androids equipping weights at all.

Honestly, I have only basic knowledge of what this rank gets, so unless someone informs me further, I have only one suggestion.

1. Passive bank interest buff.
Exactly what it says on the tin. You could add a few percent to what the President's bank generates each month as interest, which could easily be used to motivate people into working for them.
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PostSubject: Re: Leadership Rank Suggestions   Leadership Rank Suggestions I_icon_minitimeSun May 10, 2015 10:27 pm

For info on the ranks go http://jttwa.forumotion.com/t4-the-ranks-of-the-west im fairly certain the skills and abilities of each is listed, as for my thoughts on the matter.

The android ship specific upgrades, I do believe we are planning some tech based stuff later on to be included that will allow for diversity, it similar to what your stating here perhaps we could do a preliminary run of those ideas with some small enhancements via AC. If so though we might have to look into how powerful we want to make these enhancements versus if we should limit the AC much like Earth Protector and Ramen Sage.

The training devices im unsure on, right now those who make androids abuse the ability to fight beyond 0% as is. Not to mention becoming a techie even as a droid is fairly simple, more so than others. If we do this I personally will put a coded limit to any training equipment given, it will be universal as well, meaning punching bags will no longer be infinite.

President I believe has an actual shelter with tech in it. Access to a unique item as well, the Space Suit.

Passive bank buff, im unsure if we should allow it due to the fact that as is they collect money from anyone who arrives or makes. Perhaps we can have a base amount given if no "taxes" are collected though so ppl cant just turn it off and leaders get nothing.
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Leadership Rank Suggestions
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