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 New Features

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PostSubject: New Features   New Features I_icon_minitimeSun Mar 22, 2015 9:05 pm

Along with the rebrand the following changes have been made to the game:

1. Capped Power Control at 200%
2. Reïmplemented Supreme Guardian Deity planet energy recov boost
3. King of Axro can now create punching bags
4. Regenerate now drains energy instead of powering you down
5. Safety net has been implemented for regen/recov mods, it's now impossible to get a lower then 1 in these 2
6. Sizes have been rebalanced, larges are more viable now then they were and smalls have been scaled to fit other roles more properly.
7. Starter boosts have been coded in and apply to zenni, energy, stats and bp based on what year it is
8. Lifts have been reduced. For the same amount of str and end you now have a lower lift. This has no actual effects other then limiting inflation.
9. Ranked weights have been capped off at 10'000 pounds rather then the 100'000 pounds they used to be able to make.
10. Androids can now learn the shield technique
11. Power Control will be learned once a character hits a certain ki manip req, it is no longer randomly learned.
12. Verdu Tails cannot regrow via exposure to the (artificial) moon when the Verdu is past a cetain age
13. 'Grow tail' Admin verb added to regrow a Verdu tail
14. Daemonic Lesser Deities no longer learn BE and Ki burst, they now instead get Aether.
15. Exalt and Aether redone to make more potent.
16. Observe has been renamed to spy and only works on npc's and players you have in your contacts.
17. Shimo Henko power bugging on revert has been fixed.
18. Year speed has been slowed down by 25%, now 3 years will pass in 1 RL day rather then 4.
19. On death a cloud icon wil be applied, on revival or restore body the original base icon will return.
20. Numerous bug fixes.
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New Features
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