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 A few idea's, feedback welcome (wanted)!

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A few idea's, feedback welcome (wanted)! Empty
PostSubject: A few idea's, feedback welcome (wanted)!   A few idea's, feedback welcome (wanted)! I_icon_minitimeThu Apr 09, 2015 8:12 pm

So, first and foremost, I've finally updated the code for the Space Cruiser so it's actually pilot-able. I'll be cleaning it up a bit further, and using it as the basis for the new spaceship system. Now, on to what I wanted feedback on:

Promo has asked me to code in Multi-passenger ships, much like the Cruiser but on a smaller scale. These will be achievable via the Tech tree (I'll leave the decision up to Promo what that req would be), but I have a dilemma. There are two ways I can go about this - Either a hard coded limit of say 10 or so, all fully pre-mapped and designed, or to use a auto-generating string that would effectively procedurally generate an interior each time a ship is created, meaning potentially limitless amounts as long as there are enough blank Z-maps available to fill.

My only question in regards to this is lag - I can't guarantee that the running of the proc each time a unique obj(Ship) is created won't have an adverse effect while it runs. So my question is, would you rather have something coded that will run effectively with minimal lag output, yet capped at a hard limit, or something that could potentially cause proc issues while I iron out the kinks?

I'm sure eventually after a few play tests I can get it running smoother, but i'd need to observe how it runs in real situations rather than my own playtests (Which won't account for network lag)

Either way, you'll be getting Multi-crewed ships in the near future! Razz

Here's a few more idea's that i'd like feedback on, these are literally rough 'concepts', i've worked out very little of the details of how i'd go about coding them - I want to gauge the interest for them first before I commit to anything.

Level-able weapons: At the moment you pick any weapon up, without any prior experience, and instantly it gives you a sizeable boost to str. Instead, what if your weapon gained experience from use? Over time, as you become accustomed to it and improve your skill, it would be more beneficial to use it in battle? There could be further customisation down the road, for example if use granted you skill points, to spend on the weapon. This could be used to increase boosts further, or decrease the speed impact, perhaps add elemental effects or chi effects. It would also act as a way of incorporating the chi system in with melee fighters. It would only be effective with the weapon you are using, rather than each and every weapon. So your Staff might be levelled up loads through use and combat, but if you pick up an axe for the first time, you'll have no experience with using it in combat so there'd be a minuscule boost and a greater disadvantage to begin with. Something like this could really help add depth to the system, especially alongside Hyp's idea's for advanced combat.

File transfer system: As simple as it sounds. I know there has been a lot of talk of editing icons, and I know a system is being worked towards that'll make it none-abusable (as Currently it's pretty easy for people to run around changing everything icons.) All this would be is an in-game file transfer, capable of sending .dmi's directly to an admin. No fussing around with Skype. It's not so much for the oldbies, but people just joining who don't want to have to add admins on Skype or email them etc. Allows easier access, while still giving admins the final say of what can/cant be edited.

Banking storage - Just a simple second inventory, held by the banker. I hate to compare it, but remember Runescape's banking system? The same thing basically - no need to clutter your inventory with masses of items you use rarely.

The next one isn't coding related, but by far the most important thing; establishing real lore. At the moment, we have our new races, and there backgrounds. And they're a brilliant starting point. But as we move away from dbz and into our own direction, perhaps we could look at making a more indepth world to build off of - to give each race it's own new distinct flavour, to tailor worlds and give them character. I'm not saying have every little detail written down and limit players to "Verdu are X because of Y so you have to act like Z at all times", but have our own lore to build our characters off of, to make our stories feel more alive. I know we are a fighting/Sci-fi fusion based on JttW, but why limit ourselves to just playing DBZ under a different name, like a crappy dub or a football game without licensing rights (I'm looking at you PES >.>)

Maps - A long time ago (longer than I like to remember) I created the maps we use today. I was finding my feet and getting to grips with the whole system, and tried to replicate what I liked from Finale with my own twist. I know Promo has been tampering with them, and adding his own flavour, but why not starting again with them? Once more, this is our new game, our new world. Why not have maps to go along with it? The design of them could link deeply with each races back story, each planets history, again just adding that extra flavour and depth.

More Tech - As we move again from the constraints of DBZ, the possibility of new tech interests me, as well as a more indepth system. I'm thinking along the same lines as my weapons idea really, even if at first this doesn't involve more creatables persay, but higher levels of Customisation - perhaps after years of creating armour you're so proficient that the armor you create is extra-reinforced - all armor created has a 5% End boost. You've researched long and hard to create more advanced training dummies, and thus now all dummies created have higher gains if you choose that customisation option. It could work with skill points, or differently - again not really thinking into these too deeply just spitballin'

Well, thats all I can think of for now, will add more as I go Razz
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A few idea's, feedback welcome (wanted)! Empty
PostSubject: Re: A few idea's, feedback welcome (wanted)!   A few idea's, feedback welcome (wanted)! I_icon_minitimeThu Apr 09, 2015 9:57 pm

Love the idea, was debating that banking storage thing myself. I also am planning to get rid of dropping entierly for items and zenni and make a trade function. Give PDA's a useful function you know? The maps and such I think promo was toying with new maps right now the main drag on that is what causes all the lag. the dreaded proc errors. (I swear everytime I think I got em more appear) as for the lore all this was placeholder while we fleshed out issues really. If promo and mika are up for it I wouldnt mind creating lore for the game I created the lore for ancients and hybrids on the fly.
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A few idea's, feedback welcome (wanted)! Empty
PostSubject: Re: A few idea's, feedback welcome (wanted)!   A few idea's, feedback welcome (wanted)! I_icon_minitimeFri Apr 10, 2015 1:48 am

Tech Revamp, now this is another big one.

At char creation, you pick a tech tree you specialize in this tech tree you get your full mod worth of awesomeness, in all other tech trees you only work at 1/5th of the efficiency.

A verb will be added to allow techies to cooperate and combine their tech trees to let them build stuff they couldn't build alone.

The tech trees are as followed:

Blacksmith (focuses on swords and armors)
Gadgets    (scouters, camera's, flash grenades, yes those are a thing now)
Engineer    (Boats, pods, spaceships, transporter pads)
Biologist    (Moons, healing tanks, saiba's, genetic engineering)
Robotics    (Focuses on cybernetic implants, building androids and upgrading them)

Any race can go bebi, but this requires all tech trees to be maxed. Techie cooperation is a must!

A bonus idea we currently have is a 'mysticism tree' which would work similarly to a tech tree but allow unique things like contacting a demon or kaio, or even conjuring a demigod or hybrid to come to your assistance. In the concept the tree splits into good or evil, allowing you to only progress into one of the two and locking you out the others. Could be used for cult like rp's or magic users.


Basic armor
single pad armor
black armor
rit armor
turtle style armor
tomat style armor
full rit armor
elite armor
shoulder armor
Yardrat armor
Bardockstyle armor
(Blacksmith suggestions):
Improved Sword (same as powersword but renamed, powersword taken out)
Improved Staff
Improved Axe
Masterwork Sword (basicly machinesword but renamed, machinesword taken out)
Masterwork Axe
Masterwork Staff
Reïnforced Armor (Good god how do you even move in this thing, +300% end, -80% spd/movespd, not atk spd)
Scythe/Spear icons for axe/sword/staff customise options.

mp3 player
scouter contacts
(Gadget suggestions):
Flash Grenades (basicly a one time use solar flare)
Stun Darts (timefreeze for only one person)
Spycam (Place spycam, get a special verb that lets you observe only your spycams)
Trackerchip/tracker (attach (uniquely named?)chip to item, lets you use the tracker to locate where the person holding the item or the item is)

Training dummy
(engineer suggestions):
Security walls/doors (removed from build tab and put in the tech tree)
Boat (low lvl tech that allows one to travers water)
Planetairy scouter (giant scanner stuck on location where its built, scans the entire planet, can go way higher then your tech level would allow for portable scouters, picks up lower powers to)
Transporter pads (Warp from point A to point B on the same Z)
Super Transporter pads (warp from point A to point B from anywhere within the living realm to another location in the living realm).
Laser Walls (Can be passed through but deal damage per tick like EW's, always ko, become stronger with higher tech lvl)

Artificial moon
Clone Machine
(Biologist suggestions):
Energy boosting drink (recovers 20% energy)
Watermelonseeds (lets you plant watermelons like tree of might, fruit shows up few minutes after planting, can be eaten for 10% health and 10% energy).
Mint (recovers 10% energy and makes you smell like mint)
MobBgoneRepelspray (instead of mobs rushing towards you, they run away from you if you use this. yay for npc urine http://www.vgcats.com/super/?strip_id=67)
Futuristic cure-all (No ooc effect, used for curing all -natural- illnesses without fail rply)
Genetic engineering (enhances either someones regeneration or recovery slightly, cannot be used more then once on one person)
Advanced Genetic Engineering (Enhances someone according to a chosen 'archtype', one time use per character only)

Advanced Genetic Engineering Archtypes:

Note that for the following archtypes, everything does -not- include techmod.

Warrior  : Str+ End+, Res- Force-
Ninja    : Spd+ Off+, Res- End-
Ki user  : Force+ Res+, Str- End-
Iron Fort: End+ Res+, Spd- Off-
Beserker : Off+ End+, Def- Force-
Guardian : End+ Def+, Force- Off-
ChemicalX: Everything+, Everything- (40%-60% chance)
Genius   : Techmod+, Everything- (techmod increase rand 0,4-0,6)

(robotics suggestions):
Cybernetic Eye Implant (gives android sense)
Cybernetic Arm (boosts str by 20% at the cost of regen)
Cybernetic Legs (boosts speed by 10% at the cost of regen and 10% def)
Arm Cannon (Gives special ki attack)
Cybernetic Armor (Boosts endurance by 70% at the cost of regen and 20% def)
Improved Cybernetic Eye Implant (android sense+super sense in one)
Robotic Mosquito (tracker chip and spy cam in one, fixes on to player)
Robot Dog (follows you, can be named, can be told to stay, nothing else)

All completed:

Bebi, regardless of race.

Bonus idea:

Mysticism tree:

Prayer (boosts med gains, lowers train and spar gains)
Scrying (endeavor to find on what planet someone is, 40% fail chance)
Divine Passage (Warp self and adjacent characters to sky world)
Blessing (Regen or Recov gets a small permanent boost, can only be blessed once and does not stack with genetic manipulation)
Divine symbol, (using a divine symbol or precious object you can observe activities from far away)

mystic tree splits up into light and dark after the first five skills

Heal (Pray to the gods to heal a fallen comrad, 40% fail chance)
Seance (Initiate a communication with a possibly unknown kaio or demigod)
Request Favor (Ask the demigods from skyworld to send one of their own to help you out, kind of like conjure only without the contract or obligation)

Curse (Works somewhat like keep body, triggers the moment the 'cursed' person dies, cursed person is sent to hell rather then the checkpoint)
Necromancy (resurrects one person from Hell, summoning them in an enslaved state as if seal had been used by the resurrecter, needs admin approval)
Request Favor (Ask the Hybrids from skyworld to send one of their own to help you out, kind of like conjure only without the contract or obligation)
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A few idea's, feedback welcome (wanted)! Empty
PostSubject: Re: A few idea's, feedback welcome (wanted)!   A few idea's, feedback welcome (wanted)! I_icon_minitime

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A few idea's, feedback welcome (wanted)!
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