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 Warcraft 3 Dragon Ball Z Ultimate Map

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PostSubject: Warcraft 3 Dragon Ball Z Ultimate Map   Warcraft 3 Dragon Ball Z Ultimate Map I_icon_minitimeSun Apr 05, 2015 10:35 am

You have time on JTTWA but there is no roleplay on your planet and you're getting bored from waiting?

Have you ever wondered if you can play something with the players of JTTWA while waiting for roleplay?

Your wait ends here! Yes,Why don't you give warcraft 3 a try and play some dragon ball Z maps with your friends on here and i'm talking about the Dragon Ball Z Ultimate version 6.0e map!

Let me explain myself: This map is a custom map for the game Warcraft 3 with the expansion Frozen throne. On this map,You play one of the characters of the dragon ball Z universe even though the roster is limited. Each color at the lobby determines what character you will be. The Roster is:
Z-Fighters Team
Red - Goku - Secret Character Bardock
Blue - Vegeta - Secret Character Majin Vegeta
Teal - Gohan - Secret Character Saiyaman
Purple - Future Trunks - Secret Character Future Gohan
Orange - Uub - Secret Character Tien
Green - Piccolo - Secret Character Pikkon

Villains Team
Yellow - Broly - Secret Character Bojack
Pink - Buu - Secret Character Dabura
Grey - Secret Character Turles
Slightly Darker Light Blue(dunno how it's called and it isn't teal) - Android 17 - Secret Character Android 18
Dark Green - Cell - Secret Character Lord Slug
Brown - Bebi - Secret Character Janemba

All the secret characters that were mentioned in the roster are disabled since of version 5.9 of the map.

With the roster out of the way,You may ask yourself: How do I play this with you and the others?
Well first you have to get warcraft 3 and it's expansion frozen throne since the map IS for this game in specific. Two options how to get it: You can buy it or torrent it. Either way you'll need another program to play this on multiplayer with your RP buddies.

The second program you'll need is Tuungle. If Garena hadn't removed it's lan option for specific countries,I would say Garena since it's much easier but since it did,I will ask for Tuungle. Tuungle allows you to play games on lan with friends around the globe. When you get it,You will have to join a lobby which is gonna be Warcraft III: Frozen Throne [2]. There,You set up the executable which should be your frozen throne.exe and then launch the game. Make sure that your frozen throne version is 1.26a else you won't be able to play.

What do I do if my Frozen Throne version is not 1.26a?
Simple,You get the version switcher and the version to switch with. From what I remember,One of the links to get one of those doesn't work so I have them in my downloads folder and I can send it through skype who needs it. It's a fairly simple program and you'll get to switch your version quick.

Why is there a red/yellow face on the bottom right of Tuungle's interface?
It means something is wrong with your ports but there is a quick way to fix that. If you can't be arsed to do port forwarding then tuungle provides a quick option to do it for you.In the options,It can do the UPnP port for you and open it. When you restart tuungle,You should have a green face or so. Still,You should only do this if it's red since with yellow you can still play tuungle.

That's pretty much it,I'll update the topic later. Feel free to move this to video games since i wasn't sure if Misc or Video games.
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PostSubject: Re: Warcraft 3 Dragon Ball Z Ultimate Map   Warcraft 3 Dragon Ball Z Ultimate Map I_icon_minitimeTue Apr 14, 2015 7:19 pm

Looked it up on youtube, looks pretty cool. Don't have warcraft though unfortunately

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Warcraft 3 Dragon Ball Z Ultimate Map
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